Remember when Lunchables were for business women...

…at least that’s how they tried to market them at first. Now they sell those horrible things to children. I wonder why that happened. Interestingly, the business women ads appealed to me more as a kid. The woman in the comercial seemed so hip and sophisticated.

WHEN would those commercials have been?

Do you remember the product brand?

We receive specific instructions from our school each year that Lunchables are NOT accepted.

Whaa? Cite?

Actually, no, I don’t. That’s why I read this thread. Did they change the packaging and the meals? I don’t think “fun snacks” and bologna sandwiches and mini-pizza would appeal to working women.

What did I miss?

Right now, our friends as Oscar Mayer claim lunchables were always designed to save mothers (not fathers!) the hell of making sack lunches. Anyone have a 1988 annual report?

The link also explain that the packages were designed to make “an exterior design intended to appear 'gift-like”’

Yes sir, for my next birthday, pick a wrapping style that looks like a Lunchable.

Hooo doggies - I most certainly do remember when Lunchables were for grown-ups. This was definitely in 1988/89, I remember where I worked at the time, in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s an Oscar Mayer town and I betcha they were test marketing them there. They used to have this wonderful tangy mustard in some of the varieties (turkey?), along with an Andes mint for dessert. They were bigger than they are now, with like 6 or 7 little compartments (two cheeses, two crackers, something like that). And you know, my boss saw me eating one and remarked that his kids were just wild for them. Somebody over at OM must have been paying attention & heard the feedback.

I remember both the Andes mint and a variety of Lunchables that had spreadable flavored cream cheese. That spreadable cheese was definitely for grownups. It was pretty good, too. Now I can’t be bothered to eat Lunchables, I’d just as soon assemble my own meats, cheeses, and crackers.