Remember when the Mythbusters lauched a cannon ball through a house...

Just thought everyone might want to that the episode they were filming is airing right now.

I came here to mention this. I thought I had read that they would never air the footage. I’m glad they decided to finish the segment.

They said they would never show the shot.

Well they did show it, but not the results.

I remember it because it was a few blocks away.

It’ll be interesting to see if anything resurfaces because of it. If they had just aired the show, as is, and left out the apology and any reference to it, never would have thought anything of it. OTOH, other people would have remembered it, written articles about it, demanded an on air apology, so I guess that was probably the right way to go about it.

The cannon appeared to be pointed in the right direction. As they showed the shot in slow motion, I was expecting it to move at the last second. I wonder if it hit the burm and bounced, but it seems like it would have lost too much energy if it did that. Didn’t it fly something like a a half mile? I understand them not wanting to spend too much time explaining it. Just apologize and move forward.

From here.

Since we didn’t see shots miss on the show, they obviously took many more shots than what made the final cut.

I think that’s always the case. They’ve mentioned in the past that (and implied on the show) that they might shoot hours of footage and work for days on a specific myth, but you only see 10 minutes of it. I mean, heaven forbid we don’t have time for the recaps.