remember "who wants to marry a millionaire?"

remember this show? i hardly do, i think it was on the air around the time who “wants to be a millionaire?” was in full swing. as it turned out, the “millionaire” turned out not to be a millionaire at all. i think the winning contestant took him to court over it. am i the only one that remembers this? i think its funnny the girls on “joe millionaire” are falling for the same gag the was used approx. 3 years ago.

You say that you hardly remember the show. I guess you don’t because that is not what happened. The woman who won didn’t want to be married after all. I think the millionares’ name was Rick Rockwell, and maybe I’m wrong here but I’m pretty sure he was a millionare.

I remember the guy having spousal abuse charges against him in the past, causing a stink. Not being a millionaire is news to me.

I remember the winning woman posing in Playboy.

Oh yeah, I remember that too! Mmmmmmmmm, nipply…

I think Rick Rockwell was technically a millionaire, but they made it sound like he was wealthier than he really was. Darva Conger was the woman he married and that marriage ended before the honeymoon was over.

Also, after the end turned out so sour, FOX declared that they were going to “take the high road” from here on out.

Apparently that road has some deep potholes in it.

Poor guy had to buy a magazine to finally find out what his wife looked like naked.

It would be nice to think Fox had classed up their act since, but the evidence is the other way.

The show was actually called “Who Wants to Marry a **Multi-**Millionaire.”

It turned out that, if you liquidated all of his assets, including his real estate, he would be worth just a smidgeon over 2 million dollars. Hardly what most people would think of as a “multi-millionaire.”

Cisco: And, worse, it’s only his assets that were worth $2 million. His net worth could have been considerably smaller. Maybe his $2 million in real estate had a $1.8 million mortgage on it.

I remember that the pictures of Darva Conger’s nipples in Playboy looked like miniature pink doorknobs.

Actually, he had a previous restraining order against him by an old girlfriend. Not spousal abuse. I don’t think anyone said why the order was issued.

I remember Darva trying to get into a bunch of parties after the Oscars and being turned away.

The restraining order against the Multi-Millionaire by his previous girlfriend was a temporary restraining order.

To show you how meaningless a temporary restraining order is, here is how you get one:

YOU: I’d like a temporary restraining order, please.
COURT: Okay, here ya go.

Not a terribly thorough investigation, is it? A real restraining order is issued by a judge who determines that there is just cause for one. The temporary restraining order is to cover the time between when you think you need a restraining order and the time when a real restraining order can actually be issued. Mr. Multi-Millionaire’s old girlfriend may have gotten the temporary restraining order because she was paranoid, or because she wanted to sully Mr. Multi-Millionaire’s public image, or for any number of reasons (or no reason at all).

Here’s the scoop on Rockwell.

I thought she looked terrible. If i had actually paid for that issue i’d have wanted my money back!