Remember Zuma? Gamehouse does.

I noticed that if Popcap has a popular game, Gamehouse is never far behind and vice versa. Popcap had Zuma, which I purchased and played compulsively for a month before I finally beat the fucker. And then I promised myself I’d never play it again and deleted it from my computer.

Now Gamehouse has Luxor, which I have now begun to drive myself crazy with. I cannot get passed board 4-4. I would like one of you to do it. Until someone posts that it is possible, I will not play this stinking, addictive game again.

Except for one more time.

I managed to beat Zuma too. I stopped playing for awhile, and when I went back to it, the screens made me dizzy. :slight_smile:

Lately I’ve been hooked on Chuzzles (also a Popcap game). It’s available from lots of places, free, but I use RealArcade, cuz it helps me keep my games in one place.

That’s weird. I googled Chuzzles and came up with a totally different game. Looks like there’s another Chuzzles out there, used for chess training.

The one I play is at Really, try it. It’s cute as hell.

I downloaded the demo about a week ago. I don’t see that you can play it on-line and I didn’t like it enough to buy it. Actually, I never buy after the free download. I always wait until I can play it on-line and then play the crap out of it. If I still want to play and want more levels, then I’ll buy.

Oh wait. There is an on-line version now. That’s good. I’ve been looking for another way to fritter away hours at a time!

Gah. Sites that require Interner Explorer I won’t take a second look at. If they can’t be bothered to support another browser then the hell with them.

Too bad, looks fairly interesting, but I won’t be visiting Gamehouse again.

Yeah, I’ve been hooked on Chuzzles a bit lately, myself. I played the free demo until it wouldn’t work anymore and then had to wait until it was up for online play.

I thought that free versions of the games weren’t available in full-screen.

Are they? Cuz I’ve been buying, and if I can get the same game for free, I’ll do it, even if it means waiting.

Holy derivative game features, Batman! That’s not even in the “Hey, neat idea, let’s do something like it” ballpark. That’s the exact same game, feature for feature.