Anyone playing Zuma deluxe?

Zuma is incredibly addicting and, well, I wondered if anyone had sprung for Zuma deluxe and if so was it worth it?

I’m terrible at the game, but I love it.

I did – I played nothing but Zuma for months and months, until I finally cleared all the levels. Great game. Real Arcade hasn’t come up with anything I like as much as Zuma.

You’ll get your money’s worth – it’s not an easy game at all.

Ah, the froggy game! Some folks in my office have it (unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a Mac version, so I’m out of luck), and we’ve wasted many an hour spitting out colored balls. Fun for the whole room: All you need is one person actually playing, and you’ll get five or six more productively entertained just watching. Guaranteed to bring all work to a standstill for months at a time.

I played it (I believe I linked to it in MPSIMS) and bought it-- twice (don’t ask) and finally— FINALLY— cleared all boards. Finally.

And then I never played it ever again.

Take my advice or you’ll be like me right now: hours passed, fingers cramped and GONNA MAKE IT PASSED TEMPLO DE FUEGO IN JEWEL QUEST, DAGNABIT!!!
Other games to never start playing:
Rocket Mania
Magic Inlay

Chainz is pretty addictive too.

And TipTop.

And Swirl.

There was a MS game awhile back called DoubleTrouble – the rhythmic music was part of the attraction, I think. My wrists really hurt after that one.

Oggg, I thought you meant the Neil Young album.

I’m old. :frowning:

Zuma makes me seasick.

I wasted many an hour on swirl.
I wonder if it’s still around?

I am not sure I have anything to contribute, but I think I should at least check in here.

I haven’t played in about two months now. I’ve been unable to get past 12-6, and I got so frustrated that I just walked away.

Max, how many extra lives did you have when you started Level 12?

I finally figured out that I needed a lot of extra lives when I got to the higher levels, and if I didn’t have them, I just started over and played until I did.

You’d want at least 9 or 10 lives at that level, I think.

Another thing I did was change my player name whenever I started over. It might have been just my imagination, but it seemed like the game recognized a new player, and the early levels were easier.

If I didn’t have at least three extra lives at the end of Level 1, I started over.

I got to where I could finish the first screen in 7 seconds.

A bunch, though I don’t recall how many. I’ve tried playing it from the beginning a few times, racking up those extra lives, but it still eats my lunch.

The real sticker for me is level 12-2. Something about that layout just messes with me, and I always waste way more lives than necessary getting past it.

My high score is 885,350.

I can’t remember what my high score was. I want to say it was around five million, but I could be remembering wrong. That sounds too high.

I had the most trouble on the screens with the sharp corners.

When I first started playing, I hated the game. I had a hell of a time aiming the frog, until my son told me I was supposed to aim with the mouse pointer, not the frog. :smack:

I’ve beaten the free online version of Zuma several times and I still play it from time to time, although Big Money and Dynomite occupy most of my time now. I tried the Deluxe version but my trial period ran out after only five levels (HARDLY enough time to evaulate the game I think!) and I couldn’t find a hack that actually worked. :frowning: I’d definitely pay for it if I had $20 to spare…

A tip…

The conversation that the stone guy has with the Frog between some levels? If you beat the game and then play more the frog becomes more loquacious.

I bought it. I’m terrible at it, but I played until I got somewhere in level eight I think. Love the game.

Really? I kept waiting for him to say more than “ribbit”.

What do you mean by “play more”? Back at Level 1 as the same User? Or can you play past Level 13?

Well, I’m glad to see it’s not just me.

Just begin playing again. He becomes a bit more strident.

Bargain alert! I was just at the Real Arcade website and Zuma Deluxe is 50% off. $10 – it’s a bargain.