Remembering a book involving ~10 year olds building a glider funded by a self-written play

I’m trying to remember the name of a book that I read in 3-5th grade in the mid-80s.

To the best of my recollection:
It involved a group of similar aged kids ~5th grade that were trying to build a glider (which succeeded in the end I believe for one flight from the top of a hill overlooking town).
The kids funded the glider by putting on a play and advertised that the Vice President of the U.S. was going to be there- the V.P. ended up showing up at the play.
I remember the name of the book as “Grounded” but that doesn’t pull up anything familiar, but maybe there was an undercurrent of being grounded which would explain my memory??

Any ideas would be great!

A brief search of Google books turned up the probable answer

Grounded by Todd Domke 1982

Thank you very much, I spent half an hour on Google books (but first Amazon and Google) but couldn’t find a book by the name so I figured my memory of the name was wrong- and didn’t bother to search the title specifically at Google books. But thank you!