Remembering Graphics/Animations vs. Oral Testimony

This is probably a bit of a reach, but I thought I’d try.

I heard a stat on CourtTV a month or so ago about how jurors remembered information from graphic (and particularly animated) presentations far better than from verbal testimony alone.

Does anyone know a source with the exact stat, or anything similar? I work with educational animations, and I’d love to find any similar studies.

My husband does some work in this area–I don’t have cites for specific studies, but wanted to throw out the term to use: forensic animation. Dig around using that (which is what they call the animation of an event for use in a court case.

He does traffic accidents. Not so much so that a jury will remember what they might otherwise forget if they only heard about the accident, but to be able to use modeling to show likely scenarios and also to rule out what is impossible. For example, in one case they were able to show the sight lines of a person driving through a neighborhood; they were able to show that even travelling below the speed limit, it would have been physically impossible for a driver to see a particular moving obstacle in time to avoid it.

I knew the term, but apparently I hadn’t seen an animation about it (in other words it slipped my mind :slight_smile: )

From this site:

An article quoting a study… must dig more…