Remind me not to do this again (stinky cats)

I really, really like having the cats. They’re delightful and so cute (this page loads slow. I’m trying to figure out how to fix that, but I haven’t yet. Of course, it could just be my dialup connection, but I doubt it).

Today, I had tuna for lunch, the first time I had tuna at home since I got them. You could practically see them salivating as the smell hit them. Me, being the mean cat owner that I am, wouldn’t let them have any. So, I went to a meeting at 2, and on my way home, I thought I’d get them a treat, a small can of moist food - they have dry food available all the time and they do fine on that.

So I looked at the options in the grocery store, and picked out a small can of tuna flavored stuff. I brought it home, put it on a paper plate and gave it to them. They loved it - went through it like vacuum cleaners and after I took away the clean plate, they got up every bit that had been pushed over onto the floor.

About half an hour later, I noticed this odor. I searched around for the source, thinking one of them didn’t make it to the litterbox or something (it hasn’t happened since I’ve had them, but you never know). All was fine, but oh, the litter box smell. One of them had pooped after eating, and such a smell I’ve never noticed coming from them. It made me gag with the strength of it. I had to clean out the litterbox because I was afraid the smell would leech out into the hallway. I’m very afraid that I’m going to have to deal with horrid stinky cat farts as I lay in bed tonight with them curled near my head the way they do.

No more moist food for the kitties!

Next time splurge and buy IAMS brand it smells less after “processing”.

Cheap cat food really can do a number on how a kitty’s #2 smells.

If you want them to have some canned food as a treat, try just mixing a tiny little bit into their dry food. Giving them a whole can all at once when they’re not used to it can upset their tummies. Sometimes it’s not the brand or flavor responsible for the stench, but the change in diet.