Remind me to empty the trash on occasion

I am cleaning out 82,000 files apparently. It said my startup disc is full. I thought I’d throw away some Flacs and an entire season of The Shield, and apparently I hadn’t emptied my trash in months. It’d be funny if this freed up like 100 gigs. :wink:

I’d say get rid of all the Flac stuff unless you’re looking to encode mp3s yourself.

I just got 37 gigs. :wink:

Yeah, I dunno, we’ll see what I do with the FLACs. Encoding at high bit rates might be an option.

320kbps or V0 VBR usually sounds almost identical.

For a second I read your first sentence as “I am cleaning out 82,000 flies apparently” and I went Holy Crap…then I read the bit about the startup disc and realized it said files