Reminder: Dr. Who Tonight

In a recent thread I mentioned that the Sci-Fi channel was getting the new Doctor Who. I was surprised that there were a couple of people that weren’t aware of this.

With that in mind I here to remind everyone that the New Doctor Who starts tonight at 9 pm (EST) on Sci-Fi. The second episode follows immediately at 10.


And if my cable company offered Sci-Fi as part of its non-digital service package (lousy bastards), I’d be pretty happy about that.

As it is, I’m waiting for my DVDs to arrive from Canada.

It’s worth it. :slight_smile:

I set the DVR last Saturday morning.

My wife muttered something about my being a geek. I reminded her of her facination with Captain Kirk and Indiana Jones. She reminded me that Doctor Who geeks are bigger geeks than Star Trek geeks.

Nah, Doctor Who geeks have that charming British accent.



Oh thanks! I want to watch it but had forgotten about it. Off to set the DVR!

I believe I read that the “US Version” of the Dr. Who DVDs will be out this summer…

Yes, after they’ve had a chance to air on American TV.

For those with more money than I, you can order the Region 1 DVDs through the Canadian like I’m assuming nonsuch did.

Hmm… No mention of Doctor Who geeks in the Geek Hierarchy, though I do note that Star Trek geeks rank below other SFTV geeks, so make what you will of that…

Does this Dr. Who series have better writing/budget than previous series? There seems to be a lot of positive buzz about it. However, even at it’s best (e.g. Tom Baker), the old series seemed to be filmed on a budget of pennies and scripted by someone with an acute attention deficit disorder.

IIRC, the old Doctor Whos were among the costliest, and perhaps the costliest, BBC shows ever produced. But do IRC? I know they certainly charged PBS and arm and a leg for them.

I never watched the original series. Will I be able to get into this new one? I am planning on watching tonight and I hope I won’t feel lost.

ElzaHub’s had me watching his old Doctor Who videos - so far, I think my favorite is the mid-80s Doctor, but only because I really liked Ace.

We both cracked up during a Christmas episode of EastEnders this year, though (airing in the US about four weeks after Christmas). A couple of the characters were in the ER, and there was a kid with a pot stuck on his head. His dad said “Timmy, how many times do I have to tell you that you’re NOT a Dalik?” :smiley:


You’ll have no problem getting into it. The premise is simple, since it was always largely a children’s show: The Doctor, a remarkably British alien from the planet Gallifrey, has a machine (the Tardis) which is disguised as an old police call box, that travels through space and time. His control over it is often less than precise. He has adventures. He always has one or more companions who react to all that’s going on.

Apparently, the new Doctors (Eccleston has already been replaced for next season by David Tennant, who played Barty Crouch, Jr. in the latest Harry Potter movie) are going to have more inner conflict than those who have gone before. I won’t spoil it, but it has to do with his home planet.

BTW, when a new actor plays The Doctor, the plot device used is regeneration: The Doctor dies somehow, and is regenerated in a new body.

That’s about it.


Thanks, it sounds like it’ll be fun. I expect that when I get back here on Monday morning, this thread will be a few pages long.

Just scored me some major points by informing my husband of this. Thanks SDMB geeks! Also, I’m going to make an earnest attempt to enjoy the shows as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, I forgot.


Say what you will about the effects, but Doctor Who at its best offered some extremely tight, witty, and inventive scripts. The show never would have lasted 26 years without strong writing.

And both repeat at 11 and midnight, respectively.

Agree wholeheartedly. The show was always well-written. Obviously, there were bad episodes in its run, but the percentage of first-class SF adventures was higher than all incarnations of Star Trek.

It was also a lot more fun. The ST episode that comes closest to the mood of the best of Dr. Who was “The Trouble with Tribbles”: clever story with plenty of fun along the way.

Though the tone did change depending on who was playing the Doctor. I’m interested in seeing what the new doctor is like.

BTW, I’m at the top of the Geek Heirarchy, so you can believe me. :wink: