REMINDER - I own July 19

I must say I’m rather shocked at everyone’s behavior. It seems that everyone’s forgotten that I own July 19, and, although I expectd an outpouring of gratitude and praise, I received nothing. Nada. Zip. You used yesterday under my good graces. Did you at least use it well? Did you pay me some kind of homage of which I’m not aware? I’m not even charging, mind you, so I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a little recognition.

If you used your day without acknowledging my ownership thereof, please post your mea culpas here, and I will contemplate forgiveness (but make no guarantees).

And please, let’s not let this happen next year, m’kay? :wink:


Did you do anything nice for us? It was 75 % humidity yesterday! pant pant If you’d done anything nice for us, I might consider some homage. As it was, I merely cursed your name.


Yeah, what she said. That was a crappy day, and I would have gladly skipped it, had the cosmos allowed.

But last night, I ate pizza and ice cream, which is how I customarily celebrate any holiday. And any other day ending in y.

Since 03/24 you’ve only posted 7 times (not counting today), and 6 of those were in DopeFest threads that I had no reason to read. I assumed that you had decided not to re-subscribe, and I spent yesterday weeping and gnashing my teeth.

I had rum cake last night. I’m sure you’ll accept that as a belated offering.

O great and terrible date-owner!!! Please forgive our insensitive forgetful ways!! Today, I will over-use the exclamation point in your honor!!!

You give a little love, you get a little love, but it’s too late now. Begone - and enjoy the humidity! :stuck_out_tongue:


I made a blood sacrifice in your honour. Happy?

Actually, I checked July 18ths armpits, looked it all over for stains, and decided it was good enough, and just wore* it* again. So I didn’t even touch July 19th, see, it’s still in the wrapper.

We accept your adulations of pizza and ice cream.


I got the hell out of the office as soon as it was appropriate to do so. Drove home with the windows down and Alice Cooper blasting. Went to Kung Fu and participated in two classes, one with my son and one with my wife. Went home, watched the Daily Show, and fell asleep pleasantly exhausted.

Not having ever heard of you, I chalked it all up to good luck. Now that I’ve been made aware, I tip my cap to you (if I had a cap (which I don’t)); it was a fine day.

LiveJournal has drawn me away from the SDMB, but I keep tabs on things now and again.

And weeping and gnashing of teeth is acceptable. Well done.


I’m so proud. ::sniff::


Um, really, that’s ok…


What kind of blood sacrifice? I mean, not that I don’t appreciate the sentiment, you know, but still, it makes a difference, you know?


Esprix is famous as the O.P of the “Ask the Gay Guy” threads. Due to the number of responses, the subject took, I believe, four threads. Perhaps Esprix will post links, so I don’t have to do a search.

It’s not so much that blood was involved - but I have done ritual blood letting in the past - in fact what I really did was flush a dying scorpion, But hey, it was in your honour - even if it is after the fact.

Fine, you can save it for another day, but I expect a little love when you get around to using it.


Sounds like a good day. I approve.

And I’ve been around for way too long, but I haven’t posted much over the last couple of years. [Eeyore]Thanks for noticing…[/Eeyore]


Thanks for the props. Linkies:

Ask the Gay Guy! Part I, II, III & IV

They’re long past their prime, but they were useful and fun at the time.