Reminder- new Buffy tonight!

I know “new” Buffy-- what’s that? Of course, after what seems like 2 months of repeats, any new Buffy is great- but I am still a little worried when the season is going to come together. Any more backstory and I am going to cry like Dawn not getting any attention.

With the high level of the latest Angel episodes it will be interesting to see if Buffy is going to step it up anytime soon. Additionally, I wonder which Xander shows up tonight- he has been written so differently from episode to episode you never can tell now.


Buffy Buffy Buffy!

It’s been so tiring living off of Buffy spoiler pages. I’ve taken to perusing the Maybelline aisle just to get my SMG fix!

I’m a little scared of tonight’s episode. It could either be really good or it could be chock-full of suck. IMHO, this season started well with the musical and Buffy’s return from the dead, but has really gone downhill fast. I’m devoutly hoping that Joss has something really super-duper special up his sleeve that’s gonna resurrect my love for this show.

But somehow I dunno.

Well, remeber that in the last ep Anya, who was royally oissed at Xander for dumping her at the altar, had her vengeance demon powers restored to her. Methinks Xander better watch his ass (or I’ll do it for him–I would SO nail Xander.)

Missed the episode where Xander dumped Anya at the altar. Saw in the previews for tonight that the Scoobies catch Buffy and Spikey in a compromising position. My guess is that Xander will freak out because he’s always had a thang for Buffy and she rejected him in lieu of yet another monster. I mean, how much can a dude’s ego take? This will cause Anya to seek revenge on him and thus spell the end for Xander and, subsequently, Anya, because Buffy will then be forced to kill her.

Just a guess.

Advice: Never piss off a woman who has vengeful demonic powers.

Oooh Ooooh I have never watched Buffy. Is it ratednot for under 14?

I 've been dogged by a market researcher asking me to watch a “new” prime time drama. They are feeding it in thru ch 12 on ATT Bb with no commercials tonight at 7 pm est. Could it be Buffy?

Or rather another show altogether?