Removable Partial Denture

So, I had a bit of an accident two weeks ago, the result of which was a missing front tooth. Mmmmm…attractive. I couldn’t get in to see the prosthodontists at the place where I had the remains of the tooth removed until April 30, so I decided to go see my childhood dentist for fabrication of a partial to wear until I can get an implant put in, so I don’t have to walk around looking like a toothless freak. I’m going to need one anyway, since the process of getting an implant takes several months.

My childhood dentist sucks. I mean really, really sucks. But, I didn’t want to wait a whole month to get something to replace the tooth, and I figured it’s just temporary, and he’s pretty cheap, so what the hell, how bad could it be? I went in this morning for insertion of the prosthesis. Of course, he didn’t explain anything about care of the denture or what I should expect in wearing it, he pretty much told me it wasn’t going to fit all that well and I’d have to use denture adhesive (huh? I was under the impression that a brand new denture should fit well enough that you DON’T need adhesive), then he pestered me about paying before I leave (waiting for my insurance to go through isn’t good enough, no! He wants his money now! :rolleyes:), and rushed me out the door.

Does anybody else have one of these? Am I supposed to sound like Cindy fucking Brady? I haven’t lisped like this since I was in elementary school and had to go to speech therapy…is that normal? Think it will go away as I get used to wearing this? Is there supposed to be a big gap between the partial and my hard palate? Seems like food would get in there, and that wouldn’t be comfortable. Or healthy.

Hi Mishell

I had to wear a “flipper” too, when I had a diseased tooth removed, and I had to wait for the infection and gum to heal, etc. I was doing telephone customer service at the time and I HATED THAT STUPID FLIPPER

Was yours molded to fit the roof of your mouth? I was never instructed to use denture adhesive, so I took mine out whenever I wanted (which was often). My sister called me a hillbilly.

I’m sorry to say that in my experience, it never got better, never got comfortable. I was lucky that I had a nice, good dentist who made the whole procedure move as fast as possible. I wore mine for about 8 weeks.

Good luck!

I have been wearing a flipper for forty years or so. (It’s been replaced at least once, and repaired at least once.) It fits well, and I don’t need to use denture adhesive.

When I had it repaired a few years ago, I had the dentist make an extra one, so that I would not have to do without the next time it broke. The new one does not fit well, so I always wear the old one. I guess the talent of the dentist makes a big difference.

Yes, food gets under it. Crunchy things can be painful (and embaressing to get rid of). I remove it and brush it every time I brush my teeth.