Removing a Kitchen Faucet - Nightmare version

OK, having just warned one person that having to ask about “will this work…” usually means that, in your instance, it will not…
Will this work?:
I have a 30-year old monster Kohler cast iron, triple basin drop-in sink embedded in the tile counter.
The sink should go, but will have to wait - but the faucet is a major problem.
To avoid argument, let’s take my word for it - there isn’t a basin wrench made which can get at this - the installers just dugout enough of the cabinet AND FRAMING for the sink and faucet assembly to seat 0 there is a slot about 2 1/2" wide in which ot reach up.
Can my angle grinder cut off the faucet from the top? just start slicing horizontally until I get to the mounting studs. then grind the rest down to 0" thickness?

Getting to the supply lines is easy - it is the underside of the sink deck that is near impossible.
And yes, I do realize that replacing the faucet set will require getting into the same area, but I might be able to use a drill and cut out more of the wood (or, once the metal is out of the way, a saber saw or recip might be feasible from below.

Yup, should be able to do it so long as you’re careful. Try not to mar the mounting surface so the new one will get a good seal. Small scratches and dings don’t matter cause the plumbers putty that you use to caulk the new one will cover those up.

Grind carefully, those things have a way of biting in when you least expect it.

I did it with a reciprocating saw and a blade that was appropriate for metal.

You may have done so by now, but if you cut from the top without damaging the sink.
You can cut anything from the top that the mounting nuts hold on to.
Then just a matter of cutting the lower pipes and lowering them down.
They no longer have anything to hold onto.
Good luck with the reinstall.