Removing Cigarette Ash Stains from a Carpet?

I was hoping someone might know a way of doing this, I’ve tried detergent and water but that just made it worse. I’ve checked a few ‘household hint’ sites but they have tips for all types of stains except ash.


You might go down to your local building supply or paint supply store and ask for a product called “Goof Off”. I’ve seen this stuff take wood stain out of a carpet, but try it on an area in a closet first to make sure it doesn’t damage the fabric.

You might also visit a local carpet cleaning outfit and see if you can buy a small container of their stain remover. Many of them use a citrus-based cleaner that does wonders.

Here are some basic carpet stain procedures.

Get some carpet stain remover; the fiercest have trichloroethylethylene 1,1,1 Use with caution and lots of ventilation, blah, blah.

Apply the stuff, and work it in with something blunt (spoon, coin.) Don’t spread it around, you’ll just make a bigger spot.

Cover with a white rag or towel and stomp. Rotate to a dry spot on the rag and restomp. If you run out of damp before you run out of stain, repeat the whole thing.

Why a white rag? Because the cleaner may cause any dye to bleed, giving you a worse problem than you started with.

Oh, and use waterproof gloves. Carpet spotter can turn your fingertips to cracked suede.