Removing facial hair

I’m sick of shaving…
So I’ve decided that I’m going to try waxing my face…
My friends think I’m nuts, but I think that half an hour of pain will be well worth the smooth skin and not having to shave every day…

Has anyone else tried this, if so, any tips/advice before I do it?


i’d go with a sugaring rather than a wax. Nads is good. You don’t have to heat it and clean up is a breeze.

I do think you are nuts. It will be painful.

If you live in a reasonably large city in the USA, you can probably find a product called MAGIC[sup]TM[/sup] shaving powder. The company that makes it markets it aggressively toward black men (who are more likely to suffer from painful shaving bumps), so it’ll likely be in the “black hair care” section of your local grocery or drug store. It does, of course, work for men of all skin colors, and pretty damn well- I’d suggest giving it a try.

Yes, waxing anything is crazy.

Using wax will be bad, if you ever want to grow facial hair. You can destroy the hair folicals.

Right now I pluck the few stupid hairs that grow on my cheekbones. I never think to shave there, but when a bratty nephew pulls one when family is around I could die of embarrassment.

First of all, from my experience, I found sugaring to be almost as painful as waxing, as the main focus of the pain is still the hair being ripped out from the follicles.

I would seriously consider going to a professional for your first wax. Most would charge around $40 for a face wax. A professional would be able to get parts of your face that you may not be able to see well in the mirror (under the chin/jaw), and, it will be far quicker and less painful than you trying to do it yourself in the bathroom. If you go, you will need to grow the hair out to 3/16"-1/4" long for the waxing to take well (I don’t know how fast your facial hair grows, but that could take a week or two).

But, Phobia is correct, you can destroy the hair follicles with waxing, but that happens after several waxings. For a one-time try, your follicles should be just fine if you decide you never want to wax again.

I hate to bring this up

But waxing is modern day torture.

I take the case of one extremely bad movie, Deuce Bigalow. There is a part where Deuce proceeds to get waxed first on the ass then, um, in the nether regions. The dawning that he is getting waxed there and the subsequent rip are both EXTREMELY Painful and hilarious to watch (about the only part you can watch in the movie)

What I am trying to say is I would definitely try someplace else before doing any kind of waxing on your face. I have had a part of my back done before and believe me, I thought I was tough but if you want to spare the embarrassment of screaming like a girl (like I did) in public, have the s/o try a part of you at home. If you absolutely think this will help, then proceed. Only make sure to keep you face moisturized and clean or you will get acne that would make a teenager go “damn look at his face”

But trust me, Waxing would break down Conan into a teary eyed whimper

Women…you have my condolences and my respect on your pain threshold.

I think you’re insane.

First, the face and neck are pretty delicate areas with coarse, dense hair (usually). It won’t be like waxing legs or a bikini line which both have generally sparse hair.

Second, with waxing, ingrown hairs are a problem. If your facial hair is the least bit curly, you could be looking at a horrible mess in four weeks. Make sure you exfoliate daily.

Third, even if you do go to a pro, some hairs will break before they get pulled out, meaning that you’ll still have some stubble in a few days which you’ll have to tweeze or wax again.

Fourth, your face will be swollen and riddled with tiny red pin-prick-like spots for at least a day. Make sure you take some Advil before you go.

I guess if you have fairly light, thin facial hair to begin with, it probably won’t be all that bad, but I still think you’re in for a world of pain.

I have a female friend who would dearly love to have her chin follicles destroyed so that her chin hairs would not grow back. She periodically undergoes electrolysis, the more painful, maybe, because of a congenital skin condition, apparently a type of rosacea. Is there any relatively painless way of permanent facial hair removal that won’t cause or aggravate skin problems? If repeated waxings destroy follicles, why aren’t they touted as an alternative to electrolysis?

Waxing isn’t garaunteed to destroy hair folicles, it only might destroy them. Probably would destroy some but leave some pesky, extra-hardy hairs behind.

It’s also incredibly painful. Unlike electrolysis, which gets the job done for good in one, maybe two rounds at most waxing has to be done again and again and again…

Both treatments can either aggravate existing skin problems or cause them - but as I said, electrolysis you only need to go through that once or twice, with waxing it’s again and again and again…

So, you want to be tortured once (maybe twice) or repeatedly for life?

The real risk with waxing that has not been mentioned is that it cold leave you with funny shaped patches that have no hair so that even your stubble will look funny.

If you really want your fax cleared, I would do the laser for a few rounds and then clean up with electrolysis.

If this is out of lazyness a depilatory (sp) seems like something to investigate.

I use Nair hair removal cream for my upper lip. I’m not sure how well it would work on a man, but it works great for me! Glob the cream on, wait ten minutes, and the hair wipes right off. I use it once a week for that oh-so-kissable upper lip. (If I’m going to sound like a commercial, I might as well go all the way! ;))

And it smells like cucumbers!