Removing green pepper odor from stainless steel pot

Not sure if this is correct forum.

I used the slow cooker function of my Instant Pot to make carne guisada. I put a lot of green peppers in it. The cooking vessel is a stainless steel, removable inner pot.

After I finished the stew (which was fabulous), I washed out the pot and it still smelled green pepper-y, so I poured in some vinegar and water and let it stand for a couple of hours, then washed it.

Then I made yogurt in the pot. This involves pouring in milk, letting it come to a boil, then letting it stand until it cools to about 110 degrees, then stirring in some yogurt, and letting it stand at a constant temperature for 8 or more hours. The Instant Pot does all the heating/timing automatically.

The yogurt came out fine except for the faint-but-noticeable green pepper taste. Reminded me of pepper-flavored cream cheese.

Yesterday I again poured straight vinegar into the pot with some water to bring the level of liquid up above what had been the depth of the stew. Let it stand overnight. Washed, rinsed… and I can STILL smell the faint odor of green peppers.

I’m stumped. Any ideas how to get the green pepper odor out of the stainless steel pot?

Have you thoroughly scrubbed the pot with a scrub sponge or even an SOS soap pad and lots of detergent? Because I think any lingering odor is from oils in the peppers.

I thought I had, but apparently not. I’ll do that. I don’t want to use anything too abrasive and scratch the inside surface of the pot.

BTW, I forgot to mention that the carne guisada was in the pot about three hours.

If the pot really is stainless steel, you really can’t scratch it up. You might get some surface scratches, but that shouldn’t matter.

its a stainless steel pot…have you tried heat? just put it on a burner dry and turn it up to medium.

When a pan gets smelly I start by boiling water in it for a while.

Green Pepper isn’t that strong. Use a sponge soaked in vinegar and water and wipe it out. Let it dry and wash with soap. If the odor persists, green pepper isn’t the problem.

With aluminium pots and pans cooking up a batch of tomatoes/tomato sauce always gets rid any lingering odours and many stains. I assume it would work on stainless steel. It’s harmless if it doesn’t.

Then what might be the problem?

What kind of green peppers are these? Because as far as I know green bell peppers have a very mild odor, so I’m not sure what you’re smelling.

it’s incredibly unlikely that green pepper odor could hang out in a steel pan after several cleanings and a vinegar scrub. There is likely some green pepper residue in the surrounding cooking apparatus somewhere that you have missed.

Yeah, this is weird.

I have a set of Farberware stainless saucepans, pots and frying pans. I don’t use the frying pans much anymore since I got a T-Fal set. But the set is 30 years old and I’ve never once had any residual odor from food. The only time I sometimes get it is from the oil when when I make popcorn, but that just means I didn’t scrub it well enough the first time.

If it’s really stainless steel, you should be able to go to town on it with a steel wool pad.

After further investigation, and with nudging from this august body, I determined that the green pepper smell is coming from the silicon gasket in the lid of the Instant Pot. So I’m currently soaking it in vinegar and soapy water. :slight_smile:

Yogurt is probably one of the few things we prepare in pots that requires a completely odorless pot. It will pick up any off flavors present. I think the vinegar and water along with a good scrub would do it.

The manufacturer’s website has some suggestions for deodorizing the silicone seal. And they mention that some people have multiple seals, perhaps reserving one for things like yogurt making.

You are so G.D. smart. Take the rest of the day off!


Ghost peppers? :eek:

Hey, at least you know now that the pot is clean!

What did you do with the yogurt?

I strained it to make it thick like Greek yogurt and ate it. Spread some on a bagel. Mixed some with this great stuff I discovered, coconut curd– it’s from the Lenin curd people. I do love coconut cream pure, and this is like the filling. Add some toasted almonds…yum. Apparently there are lots of things one can do with yogurt.