Removing self-tanner

DISASTER - my mom had a self-tanner applied yesterday in anticipation for her wedding on Saturday. Well, guess what, her hands are orangey-yellow!

Anyone have any tips for removing that color?

The only thing I know that helps is to keep washing with some baking soda in with the soap and keep using hand cream. You can wash them with baking soda every hour or so but the tradeoff is that the more you scrub the more you risk having red, chapped hands from scrubbing. If she has any AHA lotion I’d put that on before bed since it will help exfoliate while she’s sleeping.

I’d also try peroxide and see if it does anything.

I don’t know if she can fade it completely. As far as I know the colour has to shed off with the skin so it’s kind of a question of how much skin she can lose in one day without getting chapped, red hands.

Try some rubbing alcohol. If that doesn’t work my old standby for removing the “unremovable” is always nail polish remover.

Make sure she uses some moisturizer after, as each of these will dry out her hands.

I can second the nail-polish remover (but not the non-acetone version).

Exfoliate! Shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

Run down to the pharmacy- self-tan removers are available, St Tropez definitely makes one.

Alternatively, try one of these methods.

A pair of elegantwhile lace fingerless gloves would be the best solution. Where to ge these on short notice I have no idea. Maybe female dopers could help with suggestions.

Wedding Gloves

Now that I know they invented that I might start using tanners again. I never liked to use them since I always wind up with ankle-bone issues.