Removing tar from Gore-Tex

In my last job I occasionally handled black asphalt sealant. I’ve just discovered that some of this tar-stuff has gotten onto my favourite North Face Gore-Tex jacket. How do I get it off?

If it is near and dear to your heart, look for a drycleaner that will guarantee their work.
For a do it yourself job you can use “Varsol”, mineral spirits, or paint thinner which are essentially all one and the same. Test in small inconspicuous spot first.

Lestoil will remove tar. Follow with 2 washes with regular laundry detergent to remove the Lestoil odor.

Lestoil removed most of the tar from a cotton jacket that had been washed and dried by the misguided soul who had soiled it. All that remained were a few pale gray smudges.

An ice cube can make the tar cold enough to be brittle, and then you can break it off. Also works with chewing gum, silly putty, candle wax, tree sap and wax crayons. Ah, the fun of being a mom to a small boy.