Rental Property Insurance Problem

Here’s the deal:

I live in a Condo in CA and have Condo Insurance (kind of like renters insurance, but with a little more coverage) and own a house in MD which I rent out, and currently have no insurance for (temporary problem, I hope).

Until about a week ago, I had both covered with Travelers. I thought the rate was a little high so I switched my Condo ins. over to Homesite. They also provided me a number for my rental property needs. I canceled/let expire my existing ins. with Travelers. After being out of town for a week and endless delays on hold with Homesite (the rental property is empty until 9/1 so I figured a slight lapse in insurance wouldn’t hurt), I found out they don’t so business in MD.

So now I’m trying to find a policy just for the rental property. The companies I have contacted/found on the web only offer Rental Property Ins if you have your homeowners with them (condo ins. is not good enough). I called Travlers back but would have to switch my condo ins. back to them. Google searches are infuriating because they repeatedly turn up quote sites for people who are renting (renters ins.) as opposed to landlords.

Surely someone must know of one company out there that will sell me a standalone Rental Property Policy.