Renting a car for a trip.--- Is Enterprise unlimited miles true?

Enterprise says they rent a sub compact $39 a day unlimited miles.

If you rented it three days and drove it say, to an out of state city 450 miles away. Visited friends. That would be 900 miles on the odometer.

Will Enterprise be pissed? or charge penalties?

I’ve rented cars to drive locally. Maybe 70 to 125 miles over three or four days. Never a trip. I know the car has to be fueled up before returning it.

Do people normally rent cars for long trips?

Unlimited miles is legit.

Check with the office you plan on renting from to make sure your trip is covered.

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ah, There might be a catch. It would be a bordering state. My niece needs a car to drive so she can come visit us. I was going to make the reservation and provide the cc…

So tell them when you make the reservation what the itinerary most likely is. My sister lives in Fla, flies into Chicago and rents a car to visit relatives in Wis, Iowa, and Minn. As long as they know you’re leaving the state some type of arrangement can be made. And do remember to top off the gas tank on the return. Their gas prices are obscene.

I did it about 4 years ago with them. Multiple states, unlimited miles. It was a deal!!

We’ve used Enterprise numerous times for out of state trips including several drives from Chicago to Washington DC and back (700 miles each way). They’ve never dithered over mileage. I believe they ask where your destination is and if you’re going out of state but they never balked at my itinerary.

If you want to be sure though, just ask them. Probably not a bad idea since I can’t speak for every rental location.

Does it have to be Enterprise? I rented an SUV from Hertz with unlimited mileage last summer. Round trip MO to the Gulf coast.

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I have rented from Enterprise, driven from Indiana to New York, had an electrical problem with the car and gotten a replacement within four hours of my first phone call (they verified I was at a private home and safe, not stranded on a roadside-- actually, if they had taken up to 10 hours, I would have been OK-- I presume if I had been stranded they would have been quicker). I told them I was driving to New York when I rented, and their only question was “Was I returning the car there, or in NY?” There was a charge for one-way travel.

Unlimited miles was true. Unlimited distance was true (but I didn’t go to Canada).

One problem I have had with Enterprise is that I always reserve a subcompact, but it’s a crapshoot what I actually get. They give me whatever is available, and charge me for a subcompact, which is OK if it’s just one size up, but once I got an SUV, and it got about 14mpg. You might tell them that if you get there and they have an SUV, you are leaving.

I’ll be sure they understand the itinerary when I rent the car.

glad that I asked here first.

I had always heard Enterprise was the cheapest of the national dealers. But, I’ll check rates at the other companies too.

Two items …

Most rental car companies have pretty much the same features on rental these days though the prices vary all over the place. Unlimited mileage is pretty standard nowadays. Sometimes ultra cheapo deals have mileage limits, but even those are plenty for even extensive in-town use. Not good for multi-hour road trips though.

Bordering state limitations are typical but again the details vary. The last car I rented was from a name brand company in a metro area that straddles a state border. The immediately adjacent state across town was OK, but none of the other states bordering the renting state were allowed. The fact it was a 4 hour drive just to get to any of those other borders was probably a factor.

Definitely ask for all these details.
The second item:
If you are renting the car with the intent of your niece driving it that’s a BIG deal if you don’t tell the rental agency. As in no insurance, car’s technically stolen while she drives it, etc. The rental company absolutely needs to know absolutely everyone who intends to be a driver. And they need to get the driver’s DL info. Usually in person. Expect to pay extra (a lot extra) if she’s not your spouse. Which your niece obviously isn’t. Then expect to pay double extra on that if she’s under age 26 or so.

It pays to ask about all these things.

Enterprise is not especially cheap anymore. Like Southwest Airlines, their low price reputation earned in the old days far exceeds their current reality.

When I need a cheap car I use My record is $8 per day unlimited mileage for a midsized car (Chevy Impala). I rarely pay over $20/day. And I never drive subcompacts or compacts; always midsize and up. Plus all the taxes of course. The $8 car ended up being $15 with all the taxes.

I always rented these from major national brands. Alamo, National, Thrifty, Hertz, Avis, somebody else I’m forgetting, and yes, Enterprise. I rented from some no-name outfit once through The $2 / day I saved was more than spent while hassling at pickup and drop-off. Not worth it, at least not to me.

thank you for the heads up. I guess its easier for her to arrange the car rental. She’s 24. I’ll mail her a MO to pay for it… Keep my name out of it. I didn’t know a family member couldn’t drive a rental without a big hassle.

I’m surprised they have a penalty for being under 25. A lot of people have finished college by 22 and started their first real professional job.

I guess it sucks to be a driver under 25.

It’s been a number of years since I rented a car and drove it cross country. My recent rentals have only been for driving in the cities I’ve visited.

Even five years ago it was unlimited miles with a regional restriction. The bordering state is accurate for most areas. Renting a car in Massachusetts still usually allows Maine and New York even though they aren’t bordering.

The restriction didn’t stop me from putting a few thousand miles on the cars, driving where ever I wanted. I just didn’t tell them where I went. These days I’d probably be more careful, they probably know where their cars are.

Rentals including Enterprise aren’t as good a deal as they used to be. Before it was so cheap I was renting the cars just so I could avoid putting miles on my own and so I could drive something slightly nicer than my own.

The moving truck rentals also offer unlimited local miles. With their equipment is so outdated I think nothing of renting it for local use and driving it back and forth to other states. ‘Yeah 500 miles, I drove back and forth between two local storage centers a lot.’

Same restriction on car insurance. You pay a lot more for being under 25.

90% sure they won’t rent to anyone without a credit card. Some places take debit cards, but only with $500 cash (as in Benjamins) deposits. The accident, theft, and vandalism problems explode when rental agencies start dealing with people who don’t have credit cards. Call it a legal form of discrimination against the feckless.

If this car rental stuff is all new to you I suggest you really need to stop by the local office and talk face to face about absolutely everything you / she intends to do in complete detail. They can explain what can and can’t be done. Calling the 800 number and talking to “Peggy” in Bangalore is not likely to be successful in avoiding all the pitfalls.

Thanks LSLGuy

I’ve only rented cars a few times when I was somewhere for a convention and wanted to sightsee. I’m pretty sure my niece has a cc. But I’ll double check.