Reoccurring Dreams

So I have this seemingly embarrassingly shallow reoccurring dream…I am in a Beauty Pageant but something goes wrong EVERYTIME and I never get to walk out onto the stage.

Once my shoes were not available, once my dress zipper broke, once my dress was not delivered to me in time…

This has to mean something. I have had this similar dream (never exactly the same but same general story) for at least a couple of years.

Any ideas?

okay, now I humiliated that I even admitted to this idiotic dream.


I have two:

Nekkid in inappropriate places. Although for some reason I am never self-conscious about it. Nobody on the Columbus Circle subway platform ever says, “Yo, dude, put some clothes on,” or anything like that. Sometimes my feet get a little tired from walking in circles around TriBeCa or the East Village, but that’s about as bad as it gets.

Back in the sixth grade at age 38. Usually with my smug and condescending extension instructor from Juilliard. I have the idea (on waking) that there is something I’ve been sent back to learn, but of course, I never learn anything. I’m just doing time.

I really HATE this dream! I’ll be out and about in public, feeling an unaccustomed self-confidence. Everyone is smiling and friendly–and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. Suddenly I look down and see that I am naked. No one else seems to notice, but I am consumed by self-consciousness and the need to hide.

Another bad one is when I’m being chased by something or someone who will HURT ME if they catch up. And I turn into the Bionic Woman–running in super-slow motion. I mean, it’s like running in knee-deep honey, I just can’t move any faster!

I always have the one that seems to be pretty popular:

Your back in high school or college and you go to your class and then realize it is the day the big project/paper/thesis is due and you haven’t even started the thing.

I have had the nekkid in public places and the test in High School that I did not study for also.

Naked in Public Dream

School Dreams

I’m thinking people’s recurring dreams are a lot less interesting than their one-off dreams.

awwwww dang

I thought y’all were talking about that Husker Du song