Reopen the thread on *Worst Things You've Done*, please

I think the thread on Worst Things You’ve Done should be reopened. Czarcasm states that

I disagree with this opinion, and thought the thread was going just fine. Even if Qin Shi Huangdi had his own situation in mind, it hardly derailed the thread, and three posts came after his questioning. Why would you close it because it took a slight detour?

Meh. If you want there to be a thread that’s what Qin Shi Huangdi led you to believe that was going to be, there’s nothing stopping you from making your own.

For that matter, if he wants to have a thread where he deals with his own guilty-angsty feelings, he can probably have one, as long as he’s straightforward about it.

Yeah, it sounds more like a thread about how Qin feels guilty for locking himself in the bathroom to jerk off when he should be studying.

It went on for about 70 posts with Q only asking near the end if he was being a tool, and he was answered and the thread went back to where it was. Who cares if that was his ulterior motive or not? It was a short aside and then went back on track. If hearing about others’ worst things helped put his in perspective to him, so what?

Feel free to restart the thread, if you wish.