Repainting Furniture?

Anyone with experience re-painting furniture?

I have an inexpensive bedroom set - headboard/footboard, dresser with mirror, and night stand. I need to buy new furniture but it is not in the budget right now. I was thinking of re-painting the existing items. I cannot sand and stain them as it is not true wood, it is some type of composite-like stuff. So my thought here was perhaps I could paint it. Of course if I don’t do it right, it will look like arse and I’ll be even worse off than I am currently.

Suggestions and tips?


i would take the items outside, one piece at a time. hit them with sandpaper, then use a primer (in a spray can, much easier) then what ever colour or pattern you want.

spray paint is much easier and faster. you can get nifty stencils or stamps to put a design on. i’ve used all sorts of things, just plain old paint in a can, spray paint with a finish, like rock or speckle, or suede. and spray stain with stencil.

it really does give your furniture a lift.