Repairing moth hole in unlined wool jacket

Who can repair two tiny moth holes in an L.L.Bean boiled wool jacket? Dry cleaners, tailor, someone else? How do they do this–do they take fabric from some hidden spot? How much (ballpark) can I expect to pay? The jacket is unlined. It’s one of my mainstays in cool weather. They don’t carry this exact same jacket anymore, which is the story of my life.

Here’s a picture of one of them–it’s pretty small. The other is about the same. Any suggestions?

Yes, watch this !

You want a weaver. They’re a dying breed and very difficult to find. If you’re in New York City or San Francisco you may have some luck. Your local tailor may know someone to refer you to. I found some moth holes in a suit seven or eight years ago and nobody in the Cincinnati area could do it.

I semi-mended some holes like that in a polartec jacket by cutting out a tiny piece/plug from an inside place with two layers (cuffs, neck, etc), and taping it into position from the inside with strong tape in a matching color (cut a circular piece of tape to last longer). A piece of actual low-heat iron-on tape or patch would be better but I didn’t have any around.

I will endeavor to find someone in town who can do this. Not NYC, not even Cincinnati… middle of Texas. The DIY methods are intriguing but I am not gifted in those areas. Thanks for the ideas.

One SCA Lady I know fixed some very small holes by cutting off some of the extra material, chopping it fine, mixing it with a sort of glue used for sewing that sets with hot iron, and then filling and heating. The holes were invisible. But she said it only works for really tiny holes.

Not complicated at all, just a couple of tool, felting wool and presto! So easy even I could do it.