Repairing the tenons on a cheap chair

I’d appreciate suggestions on how to rescue my cheap dining room chair. The tenons on the chair seat that hold the seat onto the front and back legs have been torn through by the screws that transfix them, causing the chair to slowly collapse. I am trying to hold it together with glue but I don’t know if this will save it. It’s part of a set and I don’t want to spend lots of money to replace the whole set (though I eventually will have to) so tips on tenon repair would be appreciated.

I’m having trouble visualizing this. Proper mortise and tenon joints don’t need screws to hold them together.

Is this something that can be patched with a wood block glued and maybe screwed to the adjoining parts of the chair?

I’m imaging these are dowels, correct? And unfortunately, there’s no easy way to correct the problem. You have to at least semi-dismantle the chair to get the old tenons out and new ones in. The screws are part of the problem here, and I don’t know if they were originally there, or if they represented somebody’s attempt at a fix. Probably the latter, and like most such fixes, they made the problem worse.

If you don’t care hugely what the results look like, you can take the screws out, clamp the seat to the legs, and drill a new hole for a new dowel through the face of the legs and into the seat. Use Gorilla Glue.