Repeative AVG Virus Warning

(Yes I’ve read the sticky.)

So we just upgraded to Win XP and instead of reinstalling Norton 2004, it was suggested we use AVG for virus protection. Everything was working out fine until… one day AVG Resident Shield popped up and told us we had a virus, actually: “Trojan hose IRC/Backdoor.SdBot.34.BO” found in file “C:\System Volume Information_restore{060A5FE4-430D-etc, etc}.” And we were told to run AVG to remove the virus.

All fine and well, but we run AVG and no virus’ found, update AVG, no virus’ found. Run Spybot and Adaware (Adware got rid of some things I’d never seen before). Search for the file only to discover we have no folder C:\System Volume Information, and search as I might, cannot find any trace of this supposed virus besides the fact AVG continues to pop up with this now annoying Resident Shield every half hour or so.

Questions are: Do we actually have a virus? If so, how can I find and destroy this virus? Or how do I stop AVG from annoying me further with these pop ups?


Yep, you’ve got a virus. You’ll have to turn off system restore to get rid of it.

More information can be found here:

Thanks cckerberos.