Repetitive "Update Flash" pop-ups

Several times a day, I get a pop-up reminding me that my Flash needs to be updated. I’ve updated it 4 times, and I still get the pop-ups. What gives? If it matters, I’m on a vintage 2012 Mac with OS High Sierra.

Is it an actual message from the Adobe updater? Or, is it one of the trillions of fake Flash updaters on the web?
You can tell the difference by clicking on the dialog box - a real Adobe updater will have the name of the app next to the Apple, something like “Adobe Updater.”
A fake one will say the name of the browser - Safari or Firefox, etc.
If it’s a fake one, stop visiting dodgy websites, or run and ad blocker.
And, don’t EVER click on those buttons to install Flash - always go to and do it manually.

AHA! I’ve apparently been getting fake Flash updaters… and clicking on them. Does this mean I have a virus?

yeah, do a deep scan cause you probably have a ton of spyware at the very least …

i have a graphics card update that never seems to take … Amd sends me a thing to update in that announcement box in windows and its always to the same update and i install it and it never takes … i just skip it now …

There’s very little dangerous malware on OS X right now.
You may have some annoying DNS changer or adware installed.

You can download and run the free version of MalwareBytes direct link to download, but I think it’s a waste of resources to have it running all the time.

Unless you can’t be trusted not to click on fake updaters in the future…

Flash is pretty much obsolete at this point with Adobe only committing to support it through the end of next year. Other technologies like HTML5 are supposed to replace it. So I don’t even have it installed on my computers.

Malwarebytes has found 34 threats.

Lucky you.

Can you post the list?