Replacement Hard Drive - need answer fast!

mrAru’s hard drive is making ominous grinding noises … will a seagate momentus 1 TB work as a replacement hdd for a pavilion dv7? It has been faithfully churning away for him for 4 years and he would like to keep it instead of just backing everything up and getting a replacement laptop. This way all we have to do is hook up his back up external drive and flip his files over onto the new drive once we get it replaced.

If we order this one today, they can have it to the local staples Monday and we can get it swapped over in a few days …

Don’t see why not. From the DV7 specs, it uses a 2.5" SATA drive, and the replacement you linked to meets this spec.

The Seagate drive you listed is a 2.5 inch laptop SATA drive. Is it replacing a 2.5 inch SATA drive? If yes, you should be fine.

Just to point out the obvious, back up your data while the drive is still working as well…

the Seagate drive is 9.7 mm in height which is the standard height for a 2.5 drive.

Some 2.5 drives come in 7mm in height or 12 mm in height. These are non-standard drive sizes and generlaly only apply to ultra-thin laptops or ultra-gaming laptops.

I googled your laptop and it doesn’t look particularly ultra-thin.

So 99% sure it’ll work. You will need to confirm that it uses a standard height drive (which it almost certainly does). Heck, you could just pull it out and measure it. or google the serial number.

We regularly backup all 4 of our computers [2 desktops and 2 laptops] though I confess that I don’t backup my eee pc barely better than my cell phone netbook because all I ever use it for is surfing the net occasionally and teamspeak with my corp in EVE Online.

The laptop in question is definitely not any sort of thin lightweight or spiffy fancy laptop, mrAru uses it when he is too lazy to use his desktop, all it really has is his ebooks and itunes, both of which are kept backed up, and some random documents, also backed up.

So it looks like we have a replacement hard drive! And it is like 4 times the storage space so he can suck up even more of my music cds :smack: At least he isn’t into saving lolcats :dubious::smiley:

According to this, the DV7 can accept any 2.5" SATA up to 12.5mm in height. I know those instructions are for adding a second drive, but it seems unlikely that it would be different for the first drive bay.

That disk is only 5,400rpm though. The laptop’s original drive appears to be 7,200rpm, so the new one will be slower.

The speed isn’t that important - my husband uses the laptop for ebooks, music, and internet access when traveling - he games on his desktop [and when he travels he doesn’t have time to game!] I have to admit, I am thinking about getting one as a secondary drive for my laptop.

hard drive I/O is one of the most common bottlenecks for laptop performance. It will make a very noticeable difference.

here is a 750GB 7200

Or if he does not tend to use much HDD space anyway

You will be quite impressed with the result.

We already ordered the 1tb one, he wanted the serious boost in hdd capacity =) He has his eyes on the other half of my music collection:dubious::smiley:

I’m late to the party as usual, but as this is a laptop you absolutely must check the thermal characteristics of the new drive. Make sure it doesn’t run hotter than the old drive.

The laptop is an HP, I don’t think anything runs as hot as HP stuff :smack::dubious::smiley: