Replacing a car door AND latch?

The door on my 2001 Chevy S-10 has had problems closing, basically the latch attached to the body got bent, and occasionally I would have to bend it into place with a crow bar so the door would latch shut. I failed to tell a friend this, and he moved my car last night and tried to shut the door. When It wouldnt latch, he tried several more times with a lot of force, basically damaging it too much to make work. Here is a pic of the body latch
The door latch is bend and mangled, so ill have to replace the door. But what about the latch? on the body What am I looking at for a workable latch fix? I don’t care if its perfect, I just want the door to shut. Meaning I’d like to avoid going to a shop and paying $2000.

eta: well, I guess finding a replacement door isn’t going to be s easy as I thought, googling chevy s10 door replacement brings up nothing for an actual door. So I guess I’m asking how do I get one of those too?

Junkyard can fill your every need.

Yeah that’s what I’ve discovered. I have a friend who is a welder… it the busted body latch something that a welder could patch up fairly easily? I don’t need it to be perfect, just to work

I’m sorry but my brain hurts from trying to decode this.
There are two parts of a car door mechanism. The latch and the striker plate. You attached a picture of the striker.
Not having seen a picture of the door, I cannot comment if the entire door needs replacement or just the latch.
can you post a picture?
Judging by the picture, this door has been out of alignment for a loooooong time. This could be from mis-alignment or the door hinges sagging.
IANABG (I am not a body guy) but to repair what you pictured, it will require welding in a piece for a new striker to mount to. If you can find the same model truck at a pick a part place, about 5 minutes with a cordless sawsall and you will have the piece you need.

He actually did you a favor. Thank him for giving you no alternative to address an issue that you have been putting off. Any time someone has to adjust a door with a wrecking bar to close it its way past time to “Git 'er DONE”!
Good luck with your repairs. Door hinge bushings and or hinge replacement is in order also.

As Rick pointed out, the latch is installed into the door. The striker is attached to the door frame on the body. The latch grabs the striker when the door is closed. So while the latch and striker work together to keep the door shut, the striker is not a latch nor part of a latch. Using these terms correctly will help avoid misunderstandings and inaccuracies when discussing repairs.

As mentioned, getting a firm mounting point for the striker will require a body repair, almost certainly with welding. Using a portion of door frame with the striker mount from another vehicle would be the least problematic way to get a good functional repair. It would probably be a huge help to have thorough careful measurements of the placement of the striker relative to the door frame. Take these measurements with the replacement striker still in place on the donor vehicle, of course.

On the door, if ONLY the latch is damaged, the repair is simple – get a new latch. It screws into the door. If the latch mounting area of the door is damaged, that will require body work, which may be easy or difficult depending on the amount and type of damage.

As Gbro mentioned, it’s likely that there’s wear in the door’s hinge pins, and those should be separately replaceable. I would think there’d have to be damage to the door’s hinge mount areas or severe springing of the door before the actual door itself would have to be replaced.