Inspired by this post and something I’ve been wondering about for a while, am I the only one who doesn’t have the REPORT BAD POST button appearing in my own posts? The exclamation point button appears for me in everyone else’s posts but never my own. C K Dexter Haven seems to think that I should have it; should I?

No person sees the button on any of his or her own posts. In other words, you’re not alone. This is a “feature” new to the current version of vBulletin, like the lack of nested quotes. Apparently, the programmers decided that there was no need for one to report one’s own posts, and thought it would be convenient to go to extra effort to make it impossible.

The mods recommend that if you need to report your own post, report the one above or below it and explain that you’re actually reporting your own post above/below it.

Another thread on the same topic. I was also confustulated.

I’m pretty sure the nested quotes were removed in vB2.

yadda yadda yadda

Nope. Looks like nested quotes are still functional.

[li] vegetables[/li][list=a]
[li] carrots[/li][li] corn[/li][li] cabbage[/li][/ol]
[li] fruits[/li][list=a]
[li] peaches[/li][li] pears[/li][li] plums[/li][/list]
[li] meats - mmmmmm[/li][list=a]
[li] steaks[/li][li] sausages[/li][li] spare ribs[/li][/list]

Nested lists, too.

I meant automatically nested quotes. As in, I produced this post using the “reply” button on the corner of your post (which I think is the way most members do quotes), and I’ve got everything you had outside of quote boxes, but I don’t have any of the quotes you had. I believe that quotes are also excluded from mouseover previews.

Oh. Well, okay. Yeah, and that strikes me as a pretty good idea. Else posts initiated using the reply with quote might eventually end up about 6 characters wide.

They are; although they seem to leave a large blank area in the preview dealie. Quotes are also discluded in the e-mail notifications of responses in threads to which you are subscribed.