how do I let a mod know about a thread?

There used to be a button that you could click - is it not there any more or am I going blind? (actually it is one of my own contributions that I want advise on)

For some reason this version of vBulletin doesn’t allow you to report one of your own posts. What thread is it, and what’s the problem?

The button does appear on everyone else’s post – it’s the little exclamation point in the triangle in the upper right corner.

If you want to report your own post, just report the one above or below it, and be explicit about what post you mean in the write-up that you attach to the REPORT.

Should we attach it with paper-clip, staple, or sticky-tape?

I prefer using the souls of the damned.

ah so thats the way to do it. Why did’t I see that little thingy before. Tx people. Now off to report myself (it was a post about breaking WMA licensing that may have been borderline)