Reported shots fired at Chiefs Super Bowl rally [Feb 14, 2024]

Hopefully it’s nothing serious and nobody was hurt.

ETA: Getting texts from my wife who is watching on TV. Two or three victims reported. Not sure if that is injuries or fatalities.

CNN is covering it, now.

Multiple victims.

Two shooters, four people shot but no fatalities from what I can tell. Also not sure if the shooters have been caught yet.

I’ve been watching the parade and rally live on TV/Youtube for the past 2-3 hours. It was a fun day for everybody involved…until these assholes did this.

Here’s the live YouTube stream if you’re interested.

I’m hearing both shooters have been apprehended.

MSNBC just reporting 10 victims, including several children.

Lots of assumptions so far with little confirmation. 10 injured reported so far. Nothing saying 10 were shot. In a panic situation there could be many other types of injuries. 2 taken into custody but no confirmation they were involved. It’s going to be a little while before the picture becomes clear.

never mind

Just saw on the local news one dead. Lots of speculation as to the reasoning.

I have no knowledge of the are at all. I’m seeing that it happened outside of the area of the rally while everyone was starting to leave. Is that accurate?

However the details shake out, this is just another day in Shoot 'Em Up America, alas.

No, no. I’m already hearing people on the Interweb saying that guns are NOT (even part of) the problem.

I’m not sure how much clearer it gets than that.


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Local NBC affiliate is reporting “at least one” fatality.

Two people detained. Hopefully they are the ones responsible. Missouri is an open carry state. It’s possible that someone armed in the area was taken in for further investigation.

Totally unconfirmed but from a cop page locals are saying other than the one dead there are 3 critical. They also said the kids that were hurt were not from gunfire but from the rush of the crowd.

Any statements yet on when there’ll be a news conference to offer the latest updates?