Reporting Posts

So I tried to report a post and I got this:

I decided that the post I wanted to report didn’t fit the requirements (it’s a homework help question), so I did not report it. Is the note really that strict? I understand that this feature isn’t for, “Oh shit, I double-posted!!! Can you delete the second one?!”, or “Stupid smilies! That’s supposed to say, ‘:: pokes Hamadryad in the eye ::’!!” but if a thread or an individual post goes against board rules but does not fall within the above note’s guidelines, should we report them anyway?

And it would have been my first reported post, too. :frowning:

It used to say:

But it changed back to the default when the software was upgraded.

I use it for everything. Trolls, socks, spammers, when I run out of tea, when my Mom yells at me for not cleaning my room, etc.

This is what xash has to say about it:

I was just about to quote myself. But I see mkl12 beat me to it :slight_smile:

So I’ll just add: Since you can’t report your own post with the new software, please report a post immediately above or below yours and mention it in the report.

Ofcourse, there’s one hitch. You can’t report a post if you’re the OP and no one else has replied to the thread. In which case, you already know that no one cares for your question and you shouldn’t be wasting mods’ time :stuck_out_tongue: