Reporting Posts

Why do some people write in their posts that they have “Reported Thread because of xxx”?

It’s as if they feel they are required to notify the person who made the offending thread or post because they are not afraid to say publicly they were the one who reported it.

I’m pretty certain there is no requirement for someone to publicly state they have reported a thread or post for some reason.

But is there some kind of board etiquette that people are expected to follow when reporting a post?

It helps prevent multiple reports when something obvious (like a spam post or a thread posted in the forum) has happened. In general, reporting posts for breaking board rules (other than spam) don’t get a “reported” post in the thread.

I can see where this thread is headed…

There is a general assumption on this board that the mods/admins are human (note I said that is an assumption, not a known fact). Given the assumption that they are human, it’s nice not to deluge them with reports by letting people know that there is no need to report a post since it has already been reported.

Even if they are well-trained monkeys, we shouldn’t over-work them (and should throw them the occasional peanut as well as all our complaints).

In Soviet Russia, posts report you.

Aha! That makes sense. Thank you.

That said, I don’t mind seeing a whole bunch of ‘reported post’ emails come at me at once. It perks my ears up that something is urgent - at least more so that a standard reported post (of which there are many).

Bastard. What if they have peanut allergies?


the SDMB may contain nuts.

Yes. We appreciate “Reported” posts where the problem obviously needs moderator attention, so we don’t get too many reports. (However, we would rather get multiple reports than no reports.) In cases where there is more of a judgement call, posting “Post reported” can sometimes be junior modding.

Reported for being a buzzkill

Reported for potentially being a Rush fan.

Reported because reporting posts is how I feel validated.

Reported because that’s my schtick.

It comes with free parking?


The parking is cursed.

Peanuts? We get peanuts?

No, my dear. YOU get chocolate. We get peanuts.