Reporting scams

I’ve lately been getting a lot of offers on facebooks that seem too good to be true.

On one of them, they sold a HulkBuster replica with accompanying video that looked amazing. I can’t find the original ad but I managed to track down the clip they used for the ad

Amazing, right? So, based off THIS video, they sold a Hulkbuster for $69. I figured it probably wasn't this detailed, but even if it was half as good and had more or less the same features, that's amazing.

I’m ashamed to say I bought it.

What I got was perhaps a 8" toy that looked like it came straight from Walmart kid section. Terrible paint job, and you could flip up the helmet and see the iron man helmet underneath. A red LED light on the chest. Somewhat decently posable. I would never have bought this, but if I did, I would value it at $15-$20 AT MOST.

I feel like a fool of course, but I’m not really mad that it wasn’t exactly as pictured. I’m mad that it wasn’t good enough to be worth $69. Not even close.

I decided I deserved that for being an idiot, and haven’t tried to get recourse, and I can’t find the original FB ad anyway to report it.

But, now I’m seeing even more obvious scams. Most recently was a lightsaber replica. Now, I’ve done enough research on lightsaber replicas to know that a lightsaber of the quality, craftsmanship, and features being shown on the video puts it at at least $500-$1000, and they’re selling it for $29. I imagine whatever the poor sucker gets is gonna look like a walmart lightsaber with the telescoping blade you’d give a 5 year old for Halloween, with probably not even sound. But I haven’t bought it, so I can’t say for sure. I am 100% convinced it is a scam though.

How do you handle that type of situation?