So what's with the masks being hawked on Facebook? Scam?

I get ads on FB for latex Halloween type masks. These are full head masks that get pulled completely over the head, and then the bottom part gets tucked under a shirt collar.

When wearing the mask the actor looks like an entirely different person. They are very realistic.

I’ve seen masks like this and they typically go for hundreds of dollars, even over one thousand dollars. HTF are they selling these for $39? What kind of junk are people actually getting, or are they just not getting anything at all and it’s just a scam?

And no, I am not going to buy one just to find out. I’m thinking someone online has the answer.

$39.95 seems to be the most common price for latex masks at Party City.

Those are not the masks I’m talking about. The ones being advertised are of Hollywood/movie production quality. The kind which typically run well over $600.

Here are a couple examples. One even has the mask listed at only $19.99. I can’t believe $20 get’s something this realistic. It’s almost something out of Mission: Impossible.

They’re being advertised as being of Hollywood quality. They’re not actually the quality that the ads claim them to be. I hope it’s not a shock to you that advertising sometimes overstates the quality of a product.

As far as I can tell, if it’s being advertised on Facebook and seems to be an amazing deal, it’s a scam. Mrs. Cheesesteak has fallen for these, and now I just think that anything sold through a Facebook ad is immediately a scam.

So the masks in the videos are not what they are actually selling? Or the video somehow makes them look better than what they really are?

And how do you know that? Do you have a cite to a review? I’m just interested in what kind of garbage they actually send out, if anything.

There is a video review online of this guy that ordered a realistic Freddy Kruger mask at least according to the print ad. What he received was so hilariously awful it looked like a 2nd grader made it.

If someone could make a Hollywood quality mask, why would they be selling on Facebook? They would have more than they could handle from Hollywood and be paid waaaaaaaaaaaay more than 39 bucks.

Well, right, but if you order one and open the box, what are you getting? Something different than what’s in the videos? Exactly what’s in the videos but they look better in the video than they really are? Exactly what’s in the video but they fall apart in three days?

Could be any of that in addition to you get nothing and/or you get your banking info/CC stolen.
I do rather doubt they look good at any time.

This might be a variation on the scam where an expensive item is sold for cheap and they send you a random piece of junk. They’re doing masks now since it’s Halloween, but it could be anything like exercise equipment, appliances, electronics, etc. The scammers are just advertising things that they think will entice people to buy, but they don’t really give you that item. You’ll probably get something shipped, but it won’t be a mask. Then you have to decide if it’s worth the hassle of dealing with the CC to get the charge removed.

Another variation is where the scammers have stolen CC info. You place your order with them and then they order the real item with the stolen CC and ship it to you. The scammers keep the money you sent when you placed the order. The person who had their CC stolen will see the full charge, but they call the CC to have it removed. Here’s an example with coffee machines:

A little poking around finds an alert by the manufacturer on Facebook. Someone is using their photography to sell cheap latex knockoffs.

Somewhere on Reddit, I think the ExpectationVSreality sub, someone showed what they got when they ordered one of these masks. (Looked just now but can’t find it quickly.) They received a very cheap rubber mask that was nothing like the amazing ones advertised on Facebook.
This seems to be a common thing on Facebook now to advertise something that is amazingly hiqh quality for a cheap price and ship you something far crappier.
The worst is the one where they advertise “amazingly lifelike” stuffed animal puppies with videos of actual, real live, adorable teacup puppies walking around and being cute. What they’re actually selling is a generic, not so great little stuffed animal that does not move at all. It’s sad to read through the comments and see all the people who are convinced they’re ordering an amazing animatronic puppy for $19 or whatever.

I know that they can’t be Hollywood quality because Hollywood-quality latex masks aren’t just something you can put on. They have to be applied to the actor’s individual face by a skilled makeup artist. Even if you manage to remove the mask in one piece, it probably won’t fit right if you try to just put it back on the same actor, and it certainly won’t fit right on someone else’s completely different face.

I was thinking that the masks are probably going to bunch up and look weird if a random person puts them on. Faces and heads vary, from round to long and the same mask wouldn’t work for everyone.

Sounds like an updated version of the ads that ran in old comic books.

This is what I was looking for and what I thought was going on. NFW was anyone selling masks like that for 40 bucks!

OK so it’s a scam. I get a crappy mask and then dispute the credit card charge. What’s my risk?

They’re probably counting on few people taking the pains to get 20 or 40 dollars back. They sell thousands of shitty masks at high profit and have to issue only a couple refunds.

I bought one of those openers that’s suppose to cleanly remove the top off a soda or beer can. It was an impulse purchase and it works for crap, but I’m not jumping through hoops to get 12 bucks back.