Reporting Unhealthy Business Practices

Our restrooms at working have been acting up for the past six months. Nobody seems to be motivated to get it fixed. This is a huge store with hundreds of customers and the restrooms have been closed for months. About two months ago, the septic tank overflowed into the store while customer were there. There was a temporary fix, but nothing long-term. The few people that have looked at it have opened up the hole to the septic tank which is conveniently located in our breakroom. They have not been very careful and have gotten spots of feces on the floor in the room where we have to eat. We also don’t have any water running to the store (they shut it off), so we can’t just mop it up. Who do I report all this to? I want the store to be forced to fix this, because they’ll never get it done otherwise. This is in Virginia Beach. Is this a city or state matter? Any help on finding the right department to report this to and a phone number would be greatly appreciated.

Contact the local Board of Health.

I tried searching for that, but I only found stuff about free HIV testing and such. Is it definately the board of health that deals with this or is it the department of sanitation or something?

Disgusting! :eek:

I would start with a call to city hall. Also, check the OSHA site at And see

Try the Virginia Beach Integrated Information Response System at (757)427-4968.