Reports From Shirleyville.(mundania at its finest)

Our anniversary is coming up May 1st. 9 Years. We always do something practical.

First year, instead of going to Toronto for a show ($500) we planted trees around the perimeter of our property. These 12" little trees are now taller than me.
In another ten years we won’t be able to see our neighbors.

I can’t remember any other years right now, it is always along this “do something for the house” theme. But this year is taking the cake and the silver platter and I am so gosh durned excited…

  1. A new Bosch Dishwasher. The old one was a lower end model and really really really loud. It also wasn’t so good at streak free dishes, which apparently is a faux paux in the real world. I get such a buzz running the dishwasher now because it is *so quiet *. ( We got it 40% off from a guy my husband went to high school with who runs an appliance store.)

2)I bought myself a thumb ring. I’ve wanted one for some time. But I would not trust Mr. Ujest in picking it out. It’s white gold with nine little diamonds in it. ( I didn’t realize the number of diamonds until I picked it up from sizing. How perfect. Nine diamonds, nine years.) I bought it at an antique store.
I feel so hip.

and the big one - brace yourselves for Suburbia Mundania at its finest:

  1. A new riding lawnmower. A John Deere (by way of Home Depot- Scott’s )48’’ mower deck and all the bells and whistles.
    It even has a cup holder. $1,995. It cost five dollars less than my first car.

Our old mower, a hand me down Sears Craftsman that was* 34 years old *- had a lighter right in the console. Now, despite the fact that I don’t smoke, this was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen on yard implement. The old one went about 2 miles an hour I could walk faster with a push mower, but 2.5 acres is a bitch to push mow. , cut the grass as well as a toothless old goat (Hi Pirate!) and had to be jump started every time. It also lost its seat cushion years ago before we received it, so we sat on two old couch pillows. It also would do a mini wheelie whenever you released the brake and the throttle had two speeds: two miles an hour (fast) and choking it’s self out ( get the jumper cables). I had a hate-hate thing with this mower.

It once tried to kill me back in 1991. When my soon to be inlaws were recovering from a terrible accident, I took over chores around the house. I hopped on this mower and mowed around the Black Forest they charmingly refer to as their yard. The mower spit out white smoke the entire time from under the hood and I thought this was normal. It was an oil leak, but I was naive and more stupid than I am now, if you can beleive this. Three hours later, I am green from the smell and go in the house and puke up a lung from the after effects of it all. I tried then to get them to throw it out, but little did I know that years and years of campaigning, it would end up in our garage.

Apparently our house is the Goodwill for our inlaws, only WE pick up.

So, after doing his research ( and knowing some guys who run a landscape business) Mr. Ujest hooked up our trailer ( not home, you tards) and went down to Home Depot and bought it. (Put it on a credit card for the Frquent flyer points, we are such slaves to the system.)

Naturally, upon arrival home, I did the inagural mow on a lawn that is still not entirely green ( the crab grass is flourishing, however.) and I will say this: Mowing the lawn will be a pleasure again.

Now, for the second part of my master plan: making the entire south lawn up front into a wild flower meadow so that I never have to mow it again. ( A 1/4 of the south front lawn is a wild flower meadow and if I had my way, I would have made it 3x as big.)
Oh, and if I am lucky, my husband will have recovered from his pink eye by the time our anniversary comes along. He got it from our son, who got it from the pool when we went swimming as a karma payback for him barfing in the pool on the sly. I fully expect to get it next then our daughter.

God, this is a total car accident…move along, nothing to see here.

Congratulations, Shirley! on both the anniversary adn the killer mower. I bought a used 12.5 hp 38" cut rider to replace my old, dead machine. I only have an acre, but that can be a bear to push mow in a hot Tennessee summer. In fact, today I mowed my yard and my neighbor’s, because he’s laid up from back surgery. Now for me to just get the husband…


I think the wildflower meadow is a wonderful idea.

May 1st, huh? Good date.
(Guess whose birthday it also is? :smiley: )

And happy anniversay!