Repub Ideas did NOT win, LIES did

Yes, some millions of people voted for Bush with a pretty clear understanding of exactly what he has done, will do, and believes. They knew and understood these things in spite of all his efforts to obscure the truth. They are ok with it. SDMB Bush voters (or at least, the ones who engage in debate about these matters, generally speaking) are representative of this group.

But he did not RUN on these things. The Bush - I’m sorry, the ROVE - campaign was not “Here are all the great things I have done and will continue to do and how very successful they are, let’s review and renew, shall we?” His campaign was a network of lies, obfuscations, smoke and mirrors. They told obscene and outrageous lies about Kerry, appealed to the fears of the ill-informed and people of faith, and it worked.

So please, stop declaring that Republican ideas are just that much more popular, because it’s bullshit. Most of us here are aware of the Pipa report which shows that the MAJORITY of his supporters disagree with him on many fundamentals…and don’t even know it.

The idea that the left is “out of touch” with the mainstream is also horseshit. It’s a lie, and you can go peddle it someplace else, but don’t try it here were we are devoted to eradicating ignorance.


Are we going to have to release the wolves on you?

I have to say you are [mostly] wrong here. Sure, there was fear mongering, character assignation, and other Rove Election Marketing techniques, but you are not giving the conservative / republican voters enough credit. Most of them knew exactly what they were voting for; it just so happens that you don’t understand it, or them, on any level.

You believe you live in a cosmopolitan, socially tolerant America. Your Americans are diplomats and consensus builders. Your America is imaginary.

The real America has a concept of Christian values that it holds dear, and is a bit xenophobic and intolerant. Real Americans are more concerned about the erosion of values than the budget or trade deficits. Real Americans [inset tongue in cheek – sorta] have bigger than average belt buckles and listen to Willie Nelson on the radios of the pickups.

I’m disappointed, but I cannot fault the majority for getting what they wish for one bit. I suggest you do the same.

Oh please, Ashtar. Start with just about any remark regarding Iraq, from before the war to today.

Look, Stoid, you need to go lie down in a dark room.

I know you. I know you think it’s not possible, but I do. Let me guess:

Your parents were hippies, and initially named you something like “Moonbeam.”
You have been/are on public assistance.
You’re probably seriously overweight and feeling unwanted and unloved.
You get depressed a lot (see above).
You think Che t-shirts are an effective political statement.
You have a spotty job history.
You believe that the only reason that you haven’t taken your rightful place in society is that The Man Has Been Oppressing You.
You realize that life is unfair, but you think that can all be be fixed if we just nationalize all corporate assets.
You think that there’s a difference between “free trade” and “fair trade.”
You think that farm subsidies will stop poverty in Africa.
You believe that a socialist command economy is possible without a totalitarian central government.
You like Castro, and think that the economic embargo is just mean.
You have trouble balancing your checkbook.
You think Ronald Reagan caused the AIDS epidemic.
You want to be a vegan, but you just can’t pull it off.

Need I go on?

I know you think you have a unique, special insight, but you’re really just another carbon-copy windbag like the ones I’ve had to deal with for decades.

Learn how things work before you presume to lecture me.

Wow. What an amazing array of bizarro assumptions based on my politics.

Wrong, by a mile, on every single count, (except that I am indeed overweight - but I feel not only loved, but cherished.)

Unlike most people in my tax bracket, I don’t vote based on what’s good for ME.


Exgineer, dude that was just fucking mean.

Exgineer, you dumbfuck.

Stoid, unplug, for yourself, for all of us lefties. We know. We tried and we lost. We need to lick our wounds and move on. We need to let the Republicans and their near mandate do the damage it will because reason and fact won’t help us now. What we really need is to chill out, recover, and give our Democratic leadership a fucking earfull so this doesn’t happen a third time.

Above that, we definitely need to stop these posts, here on the dope, from consuming the dope and giving the Righties more ammo against us and more ammo to constantly and consistently drag out every time we have a legitimate bitch.


Such as?

Bitter much?

Oh! Now I get it. I’m an idiot, I don’t know the facts, I’m driven by hate and greed and very likely have Satan somewhere deep inside me.

Why didn’t you tell me this BEFORE the election? You know, before I kicked your pathetic liberal ass.

Yeah, probably, but the constant bullshit is starting to piss me off.

I learned early on not to venture in to Great Debates because the petulant bickering drained all the life out of me. Over the last two days the mindless nonsense has spilled over on to the rest of the board, and I’m beginning to lose my patience. There have always been retarded political rants in the Pit, but it was usually one or two. The’re all over the fucking place now, and I can’t click a link without being faced with retarded horeshit like the OP. This isn’t the first stupid thread she’s started, either.

Take **GaWd[/d]'s advice, Stoid, and take a break for a while. Firing off a new thread on the same tired subject every fifteen minutes isn’t impressing anybody.

Fuck it. I need to take a break too.

I’m so irritated I can’t even code properly.

  1. Weapons of Mass Destruction
  2. Claimed link between Bin Laden and Husain
  3. Swift Boat Veterans
  4. The “vote for us or terrorists will get you” soundbite
  5. Scary wolves :smiley:
    Google them yourself. There are plenty of others, someone else can list them if they feel like it.

-You have spent 20 years teaching highschool in a white, affluent, Amercian suburb

or maybe
-you graduated from college in 1986 and it was the best fucking year of your life

Aw, c’mon SteveG1. I wanted to see if Stoid still remembered why she’s so pissed off.

I do understand. Believe me. Just try to keep in mind that those of us on the left side of the aisle are pretty beaten up at the moment. I suspect that in a day or so we will be on a bit more even footing.

This was a tough one for us. In an election that was (to our way of thinking) one of the more important ones ever we got a dud of a candidate (though for a dud he came pretty close). Not only that, but for some reason our leadership seems to be merrily trying to be Republican Lite. It is depressing.

Before you know it we will be back to ranting about bad tippers, sharing stories about funny things said during sex and reviewing the latest movies. This, too, shall pass.

For the education of some of you, we aren’t all hippies named Moonbeam, have a spotty job record, are on the welfare, or any other bullshit you folks are peddling. Try for this:

Worked since 16 years old, by choice (I liked making my own money, call it pride and independence).
Completed 4 years voluntary duty in the Army and got a REAL honorable discharge during the late Vietnam era (I fucking showed up, unlike our Leader).
Graduated college with an engineering degree, not some new age feel good degree or fancy pants business crap.
Joined the upper middle class and continued working, with only one 3 month period of not working, in around 30 years.
Still despise Castro AND Guevarra.
Will never understand vegans, and like my steaks thick and bloody.
Can shoot and drink as well as any good ole boy.
Am not overweight, and can still do most of the athletic things I did in my twenties - even better now.

And supported Kerry and dislike Bush.
You don’t know jack about many of us. Don’t act like you do.

Doh! :smack: Sorry about that! I’m not as ticked about losing, as I am about the “we kicked your ass so now suck it” attitude. It’s a big red button for me.