I Told You So



Remember “You People Are Blind - I Told You Bush Would Win”?

Remember “Bush Wins Second Term in 2004!” (That one was posted 7-16-2002).

Remember explaining to me why I was wrong? (And evil and selfish?)

Listen: the SDMB is not at all like the real world. Here you have lots of lefties, telling each other what you want to hear. Out in the real world you have real voters. They’re not swayed by the knowledge that all progressive, enlightened people hate Bush and all he stands for. They should have woken you up, and made you understand - finally - that REASONABLE PEOPLE MAY DIFFER.

You never heard me bad-mouth Senator Kerry. I always called it like it was: he was a fine and honorable man, a war hero, and if elected would undoubtedly do a fine job. I simply didn’t think he was the best man for the job. But I didn’t demonize him.

You haven’t learned, have you, lefties? No, you’re still singing the same refrain, tinged now with desperation because it seems that enough Americans didn’t believe you to give Mr. Bush the largest popular vote count of any President in history. You’re still blaming everyone else for your failure to reach the American public.

Get it through your heads that your opinions may be honestly held, and carefully reasoned, but it doens’t make them (a) unalterably correct, or (b) universally held. The side of the aisle that’s supposed to celebrate tolerance and diversity has been remarkably INtolerant of any opinions that do not follow the Sacred Leftist Screed. This is the result. Continue down this path, and I’ll have a simialr message for you in 2006 at the mid-term elections. Start treating people with differing political priorities like PEOPLE and not demons, and my 2006 message to you will be congratulatory as you gain seats instead of gloating as you lose them.

  • Rick

Well said, since I agree with you.

But isn’t this horse dead?

I think everyone on these boards knows you’ll be celebrating over a nice bottle of wine care of gobear. Maybe I just wish I could partake.

Gloating is childish, Bricker. No matter how much you think the nasty, wicked “lefties” were being mean to you. No matter how much they were mean to you. It’s childish, and unbecoming.

Well said. This demonizing bullshit has worn thin, that’s for sure.

Orbifold, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Bricker starting this thread, and saying what he did. He promised that he would start such a thread after Bush won, and that’s what he did. He may have “gloated” in other threads, but in this one I think he’s just following through on something that he’s been saying for, well, years now.

Sure we’ve learned.

We’ve learned that lies, smears, fearmongering, deception and dirty tricks work on a large number of Americans.

See, YOU may have spoken of Kerry as what he is, an honorable man who would have served honorably, BUSH AND COMPANY did precisely the OPPOSITE.

They lied, they smeared, they were SCUM. And lots of good people bought their trash, and voted for someone they did NOT agree with. (I’m sure you’ve seen the information).

This election wasn’t the SDMB, Bricker, and you know it. You can like the guy, don’t start being as big a fucking liar as he is.

Let’s put this “largest popular vote” fallacy to bed, shall we? While technically correct, people keep using this phrase as if it means GWB is the most popular president. That is simply not true. Johnson owns that distinction, followed by FDR.

It’s a simple fact that the nation has grown progressively larger, and voter turnout for this election was particularly high. At a projected 55.4MM, Kerry has the second largest popular vote ever, but that certainly isn’t going to put him in the same league as FDR.

Don’t know who these “lefties” are, but I’m a liberal, and I suspected that Bush would win all along. I had hoped Kerry would win, but I certainly didn’t think it was a sure thing. You seem to be suffering from the delusion that every Democrat on the SDMB believed Kerry would win, and that you have somehow “beaten” us. That’s utter bullshit. All I can say is your constant clucking about Bush’s victory is unbelievably annoying, and I think I speak for everyone here in saying we really wish you would just cut it out.

As much as it sounds like rationalization, I’m not gloating here. I just said I’d start this thread, and I am. (Actually,I said I’d bump the other threads, but that was before the rule that limited bumps to three-month-old threads).

Very classy, Stoid. :rolleyes:

Yea, about 99% of them, because one side or another, that’s what we got. Please just stuff this imaginary moral high ground where it smells the worse, will you? Democrats used “lies, smears, fearmongering, deception and dirty tricks” just as much as Republicans did. Your lies and fearmongering just appealed to a slightly smaller segment of the population than Bush’s did.

55,435,808 of them, as of 17:00 Eastern, according to CNN. And the sooner some of those fucking morons cut the hysterics, the better off we’ll all (especially this board) be.

Well now, my side did win nearly 60 million votes, hardly a mandate for Bush. Could easily have gone the other way. Here in my neck of the woods, I think the hurricanes helped the President.

You have made good points here though. We can only blame ourselves. Time was on our side and we totally blew it. Back in March, when Kerry was our nominee and I voted for Clark anyway because I so sorely knew we needed a moderate to have a shot, I knew we were doomed. We need to get off of our high horses and figure out a way to win the moderates.

Congratulations. See ya in '08.

And here I thought you were about to go off on the reinstatement of the draft or privatization of Social Security.

Maybe it is gloating, but you know what? After years of “Bush is a Poopy Head!”, let’s give all the vocal conservative posters a break for at least a day or two to “gloat”.


Since late last night, I hoped and hoped that you would be better than the shrieking extremists (on both sides) that made this election so painful. I had hoped you wouldn’t find it necessary to post this thread. While I agree that many members of the Board need to stop demonizing those who disagree with them, any point you hope to make will be overshone by the lack of maturity and divisiveness you’ve exhibited here.

You realize that this applies to both sides, right?

Fuck you, Bricker.

You think incorrectly.

Obviously, I disagree. Bricker, in the various threads in which he’s been gloating over his predictive powers, has been a childish ass. (I will grant that this thread in particular is not the best of examples.) The fact that other people have been childish asses to him as well doesn’t change that. This isn’t a playground, we’re not six years old, and the mean old “lefties” didn’t take Bricker’s toy truck.

Hey. You guys who disagreed with Bricker (and some of you villified him) had your day. He stuck his neck out and made the prediction a long time ago, and now I think he’s entitled to follow through after he’s been proven right. It isn’t everybody who writes such a bold OP (as the one he did earlier in the year, and also in 2002), so he deserves his day.

I don’t think he’s been ungracious in this; I think his point was the demonization doesn’t work. I’ve been thinking the same thing—a lot of us have. The rabid bullshit has worn thin. It wore thin a long time ago.

Guin, it’s getting so I know whenever I see that you’ve posted in one of these threads that you’ll be saying something really nasty to those who disagree with you, or basically telling them to fuck off in a somewhat petulant manner. You’re not the only one who is doing it, of course, but I always kind of held you to a higher standard.