Republican Congress

Well,well, the Republicans won the Congress, now in about 3 months (or so )we should expect every one who wants to work will have a job!!! The country should prosper,there will be no more poor people. Just like it was when the Republicans ran the country before. No taxes should be a big boon to everyone, everything will be free and we can just burn our debts. All the foreclosers will be recinded and every one will have a fully paid house!!! Of course I will sell you a nice bridge if you want one!!

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Seriously. They’ve got two years to turn things around.

Good news! Now they will be able to implement the detailed budget, health care reform and jobs creation plans they have drafted.

… and if it doesn’t work, blame Obama!

On the other hand, I still pity the horse that wakes up with Carl Paladino’s head in its bed…

If the Republicans get nothing done in two years, they’ll simply blame the progress-hating, stone-walling Democrats.

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No, the Republican plan is to do whatever they can to make sure they win even bigger in two years. If that involves governing the country and making laws, they’ll do that, but it’s not necessary as long as they have something to posture about.

N.B., the Democrats will probably be doing the same thing. Neither party is particularly interested in governing – it’s just something that distracts from their main job of getting elected.

Well, so far they only have the House, Dems still have the Senate.

It’s with morbid fascination that I watch my fellow Americans kick themselves in the nuts.

If I were the Democrats I’d be CHEERING this. Why? Because the only reason the Republicans got voted in was the economy. Now let’s think about this. The only reason the Democrats got voted in in 2008 was the rotten economy.

They didn’t fix it, so they got booted out.

Ask yourself, do you really see it getting better in two years? I don’t. So in 2012 when the presidental elections comes voters will be mad at the party in power, which will be the Republicans. This is likely to help Mr Obama win again.

Almost ever time the economy sucks the party changes. Mr Reagan, Mr Clinton, Mr Roosevelt etc, etc.

Now HERE is the REAL WORRY that Democrats failed to see. Well I’m sure they are well aware of it but no one is talking abou it.

The reapportionment of the House. The Republicans won a lot of governorships. The governors in most states have a lot of sway in saying how districts will be drawn up. States like Texas and Florida are going to get 2 to 4 extra seats. California may even lose a seat for the first time ever (More likely will not gain any)

NY, PA, IL, OH and other NE leaning Democratic states will lose at least one seat each.

This is something that needs to be discusses. This is where the real issues is going to be and I’m surprised it wasn’t made clearer. I am imagining 'cause the results of the Census won’t be in till Dec 31, 2010, after that I’ll be the next “bitch-fest” :slight_smile:

Don’t know why I was dithering.

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Uh, not quite. The Republicans now control ONE chamber of Congress. Democrats control the Senate and the Presidency. Democrats will still be seen as the party in power. If things do not improve, Democrats will continue to lose.

Yep. The party with the presidency is seen as the one in power. Just look at 2008. The math for 2012 is simple: economic (and particularly job) growth will see Obama keep the White House, and unemployment remaining at 10% will see that he won’t.

Too bad they didn’t do that years ago when they had the chance!

I think my tongue has just punched through the side of my cheek.

The Repiblicans intend to recind most of the gains, and go back to the Bush economy, at least that is how I understand it.

When Obama said the economy would get worse before it got better, he was being honest he was critised for saying that( honesty is something one shouldn’t apparently do in politics)! he was accused of being a downer,when he should have been an uplifter…couldn’t win if he tried, and that is what the Opposition did, talk loud and long, about the fact that every thing was wrong.Even tried to say he was not a citizen or a Christian, yet it was my understanding that when a person seeks a job , he (or she) was not to be asked their religion, race, sex, or ethnic origin. So doing such as I see it should ave been illegal.

The president was asking for the job of being president and religion, race, gender,and ethnic origin should not be considered.

Well, the last year the GOP had control of the house, unemployment was 4.6%, and the deficit was about one trillion dollars less than what it is today. So good times are just around the corner. Remember though, they do not actually get sworn in till January, we will have to wait a couple of months for the prosperity to come back.

This is a chance for both sides to show they can compromise and work in a bi-partisan way to accomplish meaningful change. Any bets?

Perhaps they should ask the Alaska legislature, which has been operating under a coalition government for several years now, how it’s done. I mean seriously: Alaska, one of the reddest states in the country, can manage to work together, but our national legislators are hopeless?

It’s too damn cold to argue about anything. :slight_smile:

Therefore the goal of the Republican House is pretty clear;

Keep the economy stagnant, and more importantly, keep unemployment at 10% or higher. That is how they will govern for the next 18 months.