Republican vs. Democrat TV favorites?

Anybody else see this?

Aside from obvious ones like Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann, it’s not a hugely intuitive list. Why are The Amazing Race and Modern Family so much more popular with Republicans? Why the huge disparity in feelings towards 30 Rock?

This study is pretty vague. What do the numbers represent? Who was their sample? I don’t know many Democrats or Republicans who really watch Beck or Olbermann. And if Beck is a “238”, then how come there aren’t any other Fox News shows in the top 15?

30 Rock might be explained by Tina Fey: Maybe Republicans haven’t forgiven her for the Sarah Palin act. And Modern Family might have some Republican voters who don’t know what it is, and just voted based on the word “family” in the title.

I’m simultaneously baffled and disturbed by the fact that The Big Bang Theory shows up on the Republican list, though.

I assume that what they’re listing is the shows with the biggest party disparity. So it’s not that more Democrats watch Olbermann than watch Mad Men; it’s that Olbermann is more characteristically Democratic.

Hmm…some digging shows that the information is drawn from here.

I’m a Democrat and watch four of the shows on the Democrat list (Dexter, 30 Rock, Community, and Parks and Rec), and none on the Republican.

Ha, clever theories!

I’m a GDI, and I watch Bill Maher!

I’m a conservative and I don’t watch any of the Fox News shows from Beck onward.

I really like “Modern Family.” I think it is one of the best-written comedy shows on network television today. And by best, I mean it is really, really good. I also like “Community” and “The Middle,” as well as “The Office.”

I also like “Detroit 182” and I can’t understand why more people are not watching it. It is outstanding.

Then again, I’m still mourning the loss of “Life on Mars,” and “Raines,” but that’s just me.

However, “Justified” on TNT seems to be taking up the slack.

I generally vote Democrat, although I would consider myself fiscally conservative. I watch three of the “Republican” shows regularly and used to watch one of the others. Of the “Democrat” shows, the only one I watch regularly is Mad Men, plus sometimes a little bit of two other shows there.