Republicans finally enter the 20th century (sexual orientation)

From the News Telegraph

I support her and her group for the three reasons cited in the quote.

Well, being one century behind isn’t bad, I guess. :slight_smile: This is actually an interesting development, not because this is the first group for gay Republicans, or to get gay people to vote Republican, because it’s not…the Log Cabin Republicans have been out there for a while. However, for a long time, the LCR has been marginalized and largely ignored by the party as a whole. I think that this group has the chance to change that.

Shouldn’t they first persuade the Republicans to stop being a bastion of hostile religious conservatives?

She might want to start with her father’s boss, who has stated that he would not appoint openly gay people to his administration and opposed permitting adoptions by gay parents while governor of Texas. Good luck beating your head against the wall, Mary!

Here’s another thing the Republicans can do to join the previous century. Take a roll of duct tape. Cut off a piece. Apply to Tom DeLay’s mouth.

december, did it occur to you that the fact there is a need for a Republican Unity Coalition demonstrates that the GOP has not joined the 20th Century. Certainly the adherents of the Unity Coalition has, but they are not the Republican Party.

Sadly, this (and related issues) are precisely why I am not a Republican. While I have huge problems with both, when it comes down to it, I’d much rather be associated with Jesse Jackson than Jesse Helms.


IIRC, wasn’t Mary Cheney the Cheney daughter who was conspicuously absent during the 2000 Republican Convention? I vaguely recall some news outlets noting that Mary was proving to be a sticky wicket because her sexual orientation was making the GOP leadership nervous.

I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Lynn Cheney STILL refuses to admit her daughter is even gay!

Though I don’t want to get into a “Is George W evil” hijack, I’d like to see a cite for this, minty, and your opinion of how he happens to have appointed two gay men (one to a temporary job) and have been (indirectly) quoted elsewhere as having taken the stance that orientation doesn’t matter.

However, what he did as Governor of Texas does seem to mitigate against any commitment towards gays and their rights, just indicates that he’s playing politics – with a conservative constituency, steer hard right; with a national coalition, keep to the middle of the road.

IIRC, someone was quoted in summer 2000 as saying that Mary was staying away from the convention precisely for the purpose of not putting her father in a bad spot with the religious Right.

Cite. Another cite saying he’s given conflicting answers to the question. Ditto.

Oh, and don’t forget the time that Dubya expressed support for the Texas anti-sodomy laws.

Maybe instead of a Big Tent Political Party to which everyone can belong (I call mine the 100% Party; yes, you’re a member too), maybe the United States needs, say, more than two parties. (Sorry, Greens, Libs, et cetera. Just being realistic.)

Like maybe a socially conservative party that doesn’t care about fiscal policy. And a fiscally conservative party that puts a low priority on social issues. And vice-versa, only backwards.

From the 2000 Republican Party Platform, Renewing Family and Community:

Oh, yes: “we do not believe sexual preference should be given special legal protection or standing in law”. But, from the next section (“Upholding the Rights of All”): “We therefore oppose discrimination based on sex, race, age, religion, creed, disability, or national origin and will vigorously enforce anti-discrimination statutes.”

So, the Republicans do think sex, race, age, religion, creed, disability and national origin should be given special legal protection or standing in law, but that sexual orientation should not be given “special”–i.e., normal–legal protection or standing in law.

Just take a big ol’ razor and amputate the Falwell Republicans, set them on an uninhabited island somewhere, and let them hate each other until they kill themselves off.

Go, Mary.

With the Republicans pushing the homosexual agenda like this, I have no choice but to vote Democratic. JDM

If this isn’t a whoosh, care to tell me what the homosexual agenda is?

My homosexual agenda is
Get up
Go to work
Come home
Watch a little TV
Go to bed.

Damn, but I’m diabolical!

pointing at gobear

He’s one of them!

Dick Cheney’s boss is the American people. He may have been chosen to be on the same ticket, but the vice president is separately voted on by the electors. As a practical matter, the vp does answer to the President, but does not have to do so, is not dischargable and presides over the Senate as the President of the Senate. Besides, Uncle Dick tells the Dub what to do, not the other way around.

Thanks for clearing that up.