Repugs, Berniebots, Clintonistas, knock it off.

The Elections forum is seeing tempers heat up, which is perfectly natural. But along with the heated tempers comes a bunch of puerile namecalling, several of which are in the title.

Short and sweet: posters, it makes you look foolish to use these and other slurs, and does nothing to persuade others to your point of view. Mods, please discourage folks from using these.

It’s an old problem here and even tho in that thread I specifically called out right wing posters, it also happens on the other side of the aisle.

And I agree that it’s a bad practice.

I for one find “Obama supporter” to be a vile piece of slander.

I concur with the OP.

So does that mean “Hitllary” is right out? :slight_smile: I keed.

So what about these:


You’re going to have to make a really long list, and keep amending it. I’m all for mod action against “RePUGlicans” or “DEMONcrats” and such, but Clintonistsa? That’s a tough one. Trumpies? Bushvics? BernieBros? Cruzers? Buena suerte, amigo!

This is the problem. Members can come up with new words faster than the staff can edit the list.

I agree with the OP, but if we’re hoping to keep puerile name-calling off the Internet then I’m afraid I have some bad news.

(Unless of course that name-calling is deemed “jerkish”)

If I can’t have Repuglicans and Dumb-O-Crats, I may have to hibernate until after the election.

Who has time for lists? Posters: don’t call people by insulting names. Mods: dissuade posters from calling people by insulting names. Boom! Done, and no lists.

I would be onboard with following New York Times rules, and referring to everyone as Mr/Mrs/Ms as applicable.

I think the worry is that it will unleash endless quibbling over what counts as an insulting name. I use “Dems” and “Repubs” as short hand for the major parties just because they come up frequently and the full names are a mild pain to type. Those pretty clearly aren’t insulting.

Similarily, I use “Hillaristas” cause its mildly easier to type then “Clinton supporter”. I guess you can argue its also an insult, meant to tie Hillary to a group of left wing rebels, but the insult, if it is that, seems pretty minor. I doubt one person in ten even knows who the Zapatistas are anymore (indeed, they’re apparently not in my spell-check).

Ditto BernieBros. Its kinda vaguely insulting, conjuring a thoughtless frat-boy or whatever. But its a pretty light insult, and its useful to have a short hand for “Sanders supporters”.

Still, I wouldn’t have a problem banning the more obviously insulting nicknames for political factions. I don’t think anyone can reasonably read “Repuglicans” or “Paultards” as anything but an insult.


Well, there’s names and then there’s names. See my earlier post-- are the mods to tell people not to use “Trumpies” or “Cruzers”? Are we only allowed to say “Trump supporters” and “Cruz supporters”? What about “Trump groupies” or “Trump acolytes”?

And what do the mods do when people keep inventing new names? Warnings?

I can’t see it happening.

ETA: Plus all that good stuff Simplicio said. Call me a Simplicio-ista!

“Democrat Party” should be grounds for ridicule. And worse, “DemocRAT Party.”

But should it be grounds of moderator action? I wouldn’t support that.

Nor I. That way lies madness.

Yes, I wish people could find some sort of less childish way to address their political opponents. But to moderate it? Only in extreme cases that are genuinely offensive in some other way.

What about “rebupkis”

I’ve not heard of Clintonistas, but I do know that BernieBros does not mean genetic Sanders supporter. It specifically refers to as rather unruly “frat-boy” stereotype. It corresponds to the type of liberal you see a lot of on Reddit: being sexist and anti-feminist, thinking racism isn’t really a problem, etc.

Or to quote the Slate article:
[indent]The Bernie Bro first emerged in a lark of an Atlantic piece published last October. Robinson Meyer’s short and sweet portrait identified a particular strain of Sanders supporter, an individual who is so obsessive about his candidate that he has lost all self-awareness—the type of dude who rants about his relationship with feminism and writes on Facebook as if he is “declaiming in the Roman forum.”

Meyer included the disclaimers that the "Berniebro is not every Bernie Sanders supporter” and that though "Sanders’s support skews young” it’s “not particularly male.” His meditation was buttressed, though, by a series of tone-deaf pieces that served as a Bernie Bro proof of concept, essays by Sanders boosters like Walker Bragman (“Hillary’s personality repels me”); Michael Sainato (“Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, and Hillary Clinton all share a common insincere, yet polished, demeanor inherent with an affluent lifestyle”); and Ben Norton, who dismissed feminist identification with a female candidate as “high-school clique drama.”

Also, Bernie fan is exactly one space larger, and you could easily remove the space. So no need to use a deroggatory name. Same Clintonista.

The issue I have with it is that they are, in effect, personally insulting people on this message board. I don’t see what is hard about moderating it. You moderate lesser stuff just based on an overall tone of incivility in the thread.

I don’t see what is difficult about determining if the nickname is supposed to be disparaging, nor why there’s any real reason to use those terms unless you’re Pitting them.

And it seems like an easy loophole for insulting people. “All you Demoncrats will never understand. Stupid libtards.”