Request for Vigilance

Real Life has been, and continues to, rear its ugly head, so that my time on the SDMB is necessarily somewhat limited for the next couple of weeks.

I therefore ask that y’all be extremely diligent and vigilent in hitting the REPORT BAD POST button (the little exclamation point [ ! ] in the upper corner of each post) when you see something that needs Moderator attention. I’m not going to have the time to go reading through threads searching for misbehavior, so rather than over-burden Ike, I’d rather rely on our regulars and members. You’ve done a great job in the past in helping find misdeeds, and it’s much appreciated.

And don’t worry about reporting something that’s only questionable. I’d rather look at it and decide something is OK, rather than not see it at all. You don’t get demerits for reporting something that we decide is OK; to the contrary, you get brownie points for reporting anything even vaguely dubious.

Thanks for your understanding.

I’m going to be super-vigilant and report your post for bad spelling :wink:


I mean, um, that was deliberate, of course, just a test to see if you were paying attention. Yeah, that’s it.


You spelled vigilance wrong. :smiley:

Any particular reason for the Red Alert?

Thread title edited at request of the dunderheaded OP.

This post may well contain inappropriate language for the forum. To whom do I report you? :confused:

“That’s nothing to what I could say if I chose,” the Duchess replied, in a pleased tone.

I guess this means we’ll have to form a vigilance committee. Who wants to bring the rope? :smiley:

Well, damn. I heard this was the price of freedom.

We can gain eternal notoriety as CK’s vigilentes.

Or better still, the blokes can be vigilentis and the girls vigilentas. Or would vigilenti and vigilente be more, um, authentic?

Any mafiosi out there?


The gentlemen will be vigilant; the ladies will be vagilant. :smiley:

Do we get cool titles like the SDSAB? I wanna patch that says “vigilante squad.”

Psst. Uke, while he’s gone, pls tell us what the “C K” stands for and was he really married to Katherine Hepburn or was that just a Philadelphia Story?

Does this mean we are now in a Chronic Vigilante State?

Or should we pull the plug on this thread?


You think I’da posted this if it was a matter of a day or two? I’m thinking a week or two before life settles down.

Hey, I’ve already ratted out my first spammer – get with the program, people!

It’s been about five weeks, but I got to report a bad post. Some of us Dopers take vigilantism very seriously.

Annie, my sweet, I posted that on March 26 and today is April 5. If that’s five weeks in your calendar, you gonna be a senior citizen sometime this September.

And thanks for the report!