Request to Mods

I am one of the users that use the New Post function to browse rather than living in a Forum or two.
When threads get moved, they typically have a message that boils down to Moved to “fill in the blank” Forum.

[brownnosing] These are often quite witty and intelligent. [/brownnosing]

Could you please include the **From ** (Old Forum) in your messages. It is not major but it is disorienting and has some value for understanding the tone of the pre-move postings. Besides the **To ** is actually quite obvious.

Thank you very much and please forgive my bothering you with such a trifle.

Hi jrfranchi. If it was moved by me, it was almost certainly moved from GQ.

Here’s a list of mods and their forums:

Except for TVeblen, the rest of the mods usually operate in only one forum. And it’s a rare thread that gets moved from the Pit to anywhere else. So that might help too.

Very cool, thank you.