Request to promote a Japan-oriented web presence

Dear Admins:

I would like to pimp my web project in MPSIMS. It is a site geared toward English-speaking expatriates living in Japan. I want to promote it here at SDMB because the Wiki is in desperate need of seeding with the quality of information and people who frequent SDMB. I know there are some highly knowledgeable Dopers living in Japan as expats, and I crave their participation.

I do not believe it overlaps with any SDMB area of interest. In fact, I believe that in the future it may evolve into a reference work that may benefit the SDMB community.

Uhhh, your post count as I read this, your most recent post, is “666”… No good can come from this!
j/k :wink: (I’m not even superstitious)


Lemme go discuss this with management.

your humble TubaDiva

Is this website up already? Could we see it? Don’t post the URL here yet.

Please send me an email.

your humble TubaDiva

Can I see it?

Viola, here it is. You can read all about it on this thread.

Go nuts! Contribute!