Requesting bird identification, please

Today I spotted two deceased birds on the sidewalk here in Moline, IL; poor things must have flown into one of the storefront windows along the avenue. Photos on my FB page, second most recent post. I’m in Northwestern Illinois, if that helps. Thanks in advance!

Hard to make out, but the one on the left looks like maybe a barn swallow. Scale would help --how big are they?

The one on the left is a female (or possibly young male) American Redstart. The one on the right appears to be a Kentucky Warbler (although this should normally have some yellow above the eye).


The past 2 springs some redstarts appear to have migrated through my neighborhood.

Each year I noticed a couple of tiny birds flitting around in the back corner of my yard. Looking up the coloration and their habits, couldn’t be anything else. The way they flitter around and their small size made me think they might be butterflies. Really neat birds.

Weird, that I would see them 2 years in a row, in the same part of my yard, but only for a limited time.

Redstarts, by coloration and behavior, are one of the easiest to recognize warblers. The flitting is probably to scare up insects so they can catch them.

My neighbors had a huge Black Locust tree. In the spring, it was filled with warblers. I’d spend many a pleasant afternoon, sitting in my backyard, frustrating the hell outta myself trying to identify warblers.

I use past tense, because the fuckers cut the tree down this past summer! :frowning: