Requesting help on Kinetica

I just got hooked on Kinetica. I only know three of the stunts though. I know the one where you go hit left-right-left-right-left on the ground or in the air, I know the one where you move the stick in a circle in the air and where you move the stick in a half circle in the air. I need more!!!
Also, are all of the move combos for every player (Cera, Vigor etc.) or are there special moves for each player? If the combos I know are just for a specific player, it’s probably Cera because she’s the only one I’ve been playing and if anyone gives me anymore I would prefer them to be for Cera.

According to posts on the Kinetica board at , the combos are the same for each character.

Ah, good. I just found another combo that you hit down, up, down, up etc and you get a good amount of boost. I cna’t be the only doper hooked on Kinetica. Come on, you know you play it…